How To Keep Clothing & Belongings Clean While Traveling


If you pack and prepare for a long trip or journey oversea, to another continent, country or city, you should be prepared for it.

It is good to know a few tricks how to keep your luggage clean and remain clean yourself on the road.

You may be travelling by bus, air-plane, car, ship, other vehicle and on foot from time to time.

So make sure your luggage and belongings are clean and stay this way. Here you will learn some smart ways how to achieve this.


You can put a bar of scented soap in a sock and add it to your luggage. Wrap it well to make sure it doesn’t start to fall to pieces during the trip. The aroma it will leave to the rest of the clothes and luggage will keep them fresh.

Take suitable detergent for washing your clothes in your bag. Use it to wash the clothes whenever it is possible in case of sweating, staining and accidents. Take a small pack with laundry detergent with you in a tiny plastic container. And perhaps get home cleaning service for your home before you depart abroad!

Take wet wipes for body with you and use them to refresh yourself during the travel. Long rides can exhaust you and make your body and clothes smelly. Freshen yourself with the wet wipes every time you need to. Bring a light body spray with you to use at need. Take smaller to normal size packages of body wash, shampoo and other cosmetic items with yourself depending on the time you intend to stay.


how to keep clothes clean traveling


Air out your luggage at some point of the travel. It is good to empty your suitcase and sack to air all clothes in it and check if there is something smelling bad. You can air out the clothes and remove stinky items from your luggage. If your belongings need refreshing spray them with a suitable deodorant. Make sure it doesn’t leave white stains on the clothes. Refresh smelly clothes with appropriate deodorant or spray. Spaying a few times is enough. Be careful not to make your luggage too strongly scented. Avoid using sprays with haunting and too aggressive smells.

You can use a dryer sheet to put in your luggage in case you have a tumble dryer. It will keep your clothes and possessions fresh and smelling of laundry. You can use the sheets if you later hire a hotel which offers laundry services.

Tottenham DomesticCleaners suggests a smart way to pack your luggage is using plastic bags which are airtight, have zip-locks and can be squeezed of the air. This will save you space for more items to pack and keep your belongings clean. Use  separate bags for the different types of items you put. If you remove the air from the bags you will get more things fitted in the suitcase and will have space for new purchases.

Cleaning the items and clothes you intend to bring with yourself is necessary. This can be done by using dry cleaners and washing the clothes in the machine. It is recommended to sort out various items by type and store similar items in plastic bags. Put a sock with a soap in some which tend to get stinky. Put fresheners for air or other deodorising items in shoes to keep them fresh.

Using the presented here ways you can ensure yourself a pleasant travel. They will keep your belongings fresh and you will only need to provide cleaning of the clothes and jackets you have put on during the ride. Use the ideas and tips offered here to spend less time cleaning afterwords and ensure the well sanitised condition of your outfits and possessions.

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