Traveling Jobs: The 22 Best Jobs That Travel

Travel the world. See cool stuff. Experience all sorts of new sights, sounds, and foods.

And get paid while experiencing all that?

You better believe it.

If you have a skill, I’ll bet you there’s an opportunity to use that skill to make money while traveling abroad.

As you’ll shortly see from this list, business and organizations all around the world need people with every type of skill imaginable, opening up the perfect travel job opportunities.

And the great thing is, you don’t need to have a unique skill or be special to land your dream traveling job. You just need to know WHERE to look.

Here are my favorite jobs that require travel

Teach English Overseas
Ah yes, Teaching English in a foreign country. Everyone has heard of this one, so might as well start with it. English isn’t the most used language in the world, but it is certainly one of the most important second language in many countries. That’s where you step in. Virtually every foreign country offers English in their education program. If educating others is a passion of yours, you’ll love this gig. The downside is that it generally doesn’t pay as much, but it’s a pretty easy job and you can choose whichever country you want to teach in. Korea? Japan? Turkey? Brazil? It’s all up to you! You can check out this website for teaching jobs overseas.

Become a Tour Guide
One of the EASIEST ways to travel the world is to become a tour guide. You get to meet so many people from all over the world and help create memorable experiences for the group you lead. There are countless tour companies operating in every corner of the globe. I think the hardest decision may be deciding where you want to work.

I’ve done many tours in my life and I can’t begin to tell you how much fun tour guides have. If you love being around people and teaching them things, and showing them around, and you’re an organized person, I can’t think of a better job than being a tour guide.

On my Bali tour, my guide was from South Africa who was temporarily living in Indonesia and did a tour every few weeks to make money. On tour, he taught us how to surf, South African games and Balinese customs among other things. We scootered around towns (so much fun), jumped off cliffs, and hung around in hotel rooms until really early in the mornings. It was soooo much fun for me, but imagine getting paid to have that kind of fun!

I’ve gone on a few Contiki tours and I have to say, if you’re young and want to get out and have a blast, apply to become a tour guide for young travelers. You get to see amazing countries in places like Europe and South America, all while enjoying night life, drinking, sightseeing, and creating amazing experiences and stories.

To get a job as a Tour guide, you’ll usually need some experience traveling. Besides the obvious usual skills required of “service people,” different tour companies will have different requirements. For example, my Bali tour guide got his job rather easily. He knew the country well and went for an interview and got the job like that. For Contiki tours, their tour manages go through a strenuous process of learning what it’s like to lead a group of 50 people on a bus. They’re required to learn a ton of history and training lasts several weeks.

Find a tour company that matches your style of travel and visit their website. They will usually have a section labeled “careers” (or something similar) labeled at the bottom of their website. Click on it and see if you’re the right kind of person to become their tour guide.


Best jobs that travel


Flight Attendant
Flight attendants go from one city to another, and often have a few days in a random city before they need to jump back on a plane to work again. This gives you ample opportunities to explore new cities all the time. If you don’t mind being on an airplane serving tea, checking bags, and showing people how to inflate their breathing apparatuses, a flight attendant is a pretty sweet gig.

Becoming a flight attendant is fairly easy as well. Find airlines that you may want to work for and check their website for career opportunities. You aren’t required to have any special skills or powers. Just good customer service skills and a knack for making others happy.

Work on a Cruise Ship
I’ve been on a few cruises in my life, and one of my favorite things to do is talk to the workers (they LOVE this too). I always like to ask them about their job and what it’s like working on a cruise ship. Their responses are typically the same.

Cruise ship workers spend anywhere from a few months to almost a year sometimes on a cruise ship. They work virtually all day, doing all sorts of jobs to make sure customers have an awesome experience. And the interesting thing is most of them like that! What else are they gonna do on a cruise ship anyway?

The “fun” part of being a cruise ship worker is the free time they get. I went on a mediterranean cruise in Europe and I’d see cruise ship workers get off and on the ship when we ported. They get days off to explore the ports. Imagine being on a cruise ship that visits many interesting ports, like Venice, or Sydney, and getting free travel to check out these awesome places!

Who can work on a cruise ship? Virtually anybody. A cruise ship is basically a floating hotel. And hotels need a TON of different types of skills to run properly. If you have a skill in something, there will likely be a need for it on a cruise ship.

Some examples include:
Entertainment (magicians, dancers, singers, actors, comedians, entertainment staff to keep the guests happy, etc).
Skills working with children (to work the children area)
Mixing drinks
managerial skills
salon skills

And the usual jobs like cleaning rooms, room service, front desk service, shop worker, restaurant work, etc. If you have a positive attitude and an aptitude for fun and service, there will be something for you to do on a cruise ship, and more importantly, see the world while you get paid.

What is WWOOFing? it’s volunteering on organic farms in places where they need volunteers. You live with your host who usually provides food and housing. You get the opportunity to live and grow organically foods. If working on a farm and living organically is your thing, consider WWOOFing. You often get to work on many farms in many countries which will help you see more of the world. Check out for more info.

Work as Au Pair
On my softball team, I met a girl who lived in Thailand for a few months as an Au Pair. An Au Pair is a person who lives with a foreign family (the host) and is usually needed because the host has children. You pretty much become a temporary member of their family. You get the opportunity to learn about your host country, their community, and meet other Au Pair’s. The amazing thing about becoming an Au Pair is the full immersion of culture you experience while living with your host. You can spend a few weeks to many months with a single host. You decide where you want to go.

To get an idea of what becoming an Au Pair is like, see Ashely Abroad.
There are many websites where you can apply to become an Au Pair, as well as search for a host. Here is one of them.

Bartending or Serving
If you know how to mix drinks, enjoy staying up late, and like the party scene, being a bartender is one of the easiest jobs to get abroad. Likewise, being a server is also one of the easiest jobs to get abroad, perhaps the easiest? You just need to get your work visa and off you go to whatever country you want. Every country has night life and restaurants, so your options are limitless. Think of it as, instead of working as a server at home, why not do it in a gorgeous city in Paris for awhile?

Unique skills Jobs – bus driver, ski/surf instructor, yoga teacher, Singer/performer,
Many jobs that you can perform at home you could also perform overseas somewhere in a cool fun destination. Jobs like a bus driver, ski instructor, surfing instructor, yoga teacher, a singer or performer, you name it. If you have any of these skills, you have enough talent to land a job overseas.

Here are some real life examples:
I worked with a girl who toured Europe singing country music. In Bali, I went to a few yoga classes and all the instructors where native english speakers. On cruise ships, there was usually a singer/dancer every other night. Our tour bus drivers on my Contiki tours were from places like Bratislava and Poland.

Work for International Companies
Working for companies that provide services across the world gives you the opportunity to work in a different location than home. For example, in Berlin, I met a girl who was from Ontario, Canada, and she just got a job working for Apple in Cupertino as an engineer. That’s a pretty sweet gig.

Just think of big chains, like hotels and restaurants. My good friend’s boyfriend is from Canada, but he’s currently being a Chef in Denmark. That’s pretty rad.

Online Business
Starting a business online gives you the opportunity to work remotely. This means you can manage your business from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. The real bonus is that you can travel anywhere you want. Some of the travel jobs listed here limit you in some way. Like a cruise ship will visit certain ports, only allowing you certain cities to visit. You can’t choose which cities you get to stay in while in transit as a fight attendant either. But with an online business, you get to be anywhere you like!

There are many types of online business, but being a travel blogger (or any type of blogger) is a very popular way people are making a living online, and traveling the world at the same time.

You can earn how to start a blog here

Freelance Services
Similar to having an online business, you can also use your skills to freelance. For example, if you are a good writer, you can write content for blogs, websites, or business. If you are good at making websites or designing logos, you can offer these skills to business in return for money. And much like having your own online business, you can freelance your work from your laptop, which means you can be anywhere in the world.

Websites like and are places where you can make money offering your own service. You can also approach business with your skills and strike a deal that way too. Likewise, you can take photos from your travels and sell them for royalties on stock image websites like These are just a few jobs ideas that allow you to travel.

Peace Corps Volunteer
One of the biggest ways to make a difference in the world is to volunteer your time for a cause you love. Joining the Peace Corps gives you exactly this opportunity. You get to choose where you want to volunteer overseas by looking over their openings and finding something that matches. You then apply for it. You can join the Peace Corps and volunteer in many different fields like Agriculture, Environment, and Health. You’ll be responsible for helping these countries (typically poorer ones) handle some of their most pressing issues and, like I said earlier, make a huge difference in communities around the world.

Trade Show Event Coordinator
There is a Carnival that goes through Canada every summer and I always wondered what life is like as a Carnie. You don’t need to work for Carnivals to see the world though! There are MANY events that tour different destinations around the world. Festivals and concerts are a coupe that spring to my mind.

Being an event coordinator for these events gives you the opportunity to see many parts of the world as you make a living managing and coordinating. And it’s not just event coordinating, but everything that goes along with it too. Stages need to be set up and taken down, sound needs to be set up and tested, tickets needs to be sold, and the show needs to be promoted. Look for trade shows that travel to destinations you enjoy and apply for a job there.

Destination Wedding Photographer
I’ve been to a few destination weddings now, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a wedding photographer. I myself LOVE taking photos and videos of just about everything. But to get hired to go to sunny places by the beach for a week and take photos of happy people is something I could just dream of. If you have a knack for taking photos and the skills to get your name out there, you could be this person! You can start with your friends first. You may find they will also pay for your travel there and stay there as well.

If you learn how to take great photos you will always get opportunities to travel. It’s definitely a skill worth learning if it interests you.

Here’s a great beginner photography course if you’re interested.

Yacht Sailer & Worker
There are rich people all around the world who own expensive water hotels. Big or small, they need a crew to take them out and about. That person can be you! If you don’t get sea sick and love being in the waters, I’d highly recommend checking out jobs on yachts and other boats.

Busking is people with unique talents and sometimes weird skills who display them on street corners for money. Sounds like a weird gig but I read an article once that said some of them make hundred of dollars per day. If you have any kind of unique talent you can be a busker too. You can travel to basically anywhere in the world and perform your talent, giving you the opportunity to go wherever your heart desires.

Work on a Resort
I think working on a resort has got to be one of the most fun travel jobs out there. You get to meet and help families and other holidayers have a great time. Sure, it’s the service industry and you’ll of course meet crabby people, but for the most part, it’s gotta be a fun gig. There are resorts in every part of the world, so the world is literally your oyster.

Work in a Hostel
If you’re young and keen to travel on the cheap, you’ll likely find working in hostels rewarding. One of the biggest pluses about working in hostels is you get free accommodations usually. This will of course save money for the budget conscious traveler. Not only that, you’ll get ingrained into a city and learn just about everything about it so you can help out new travelers who will ask you for recommendations.

When I was in Budapest, my hostel had many Canadians working in it. They’d been there for a few months to a few years. Just living the hostel life, going out drinking, and making a living while being out and about. It’s not going to pay you a ton of money, but it’s a job that will let you travel the world. Every city has hostels and getting a job at one requires little skill.

Airline pilots, like flight attendants will travel from city to city, and have time, sometimes just a day, or a few days, between jobs to sit around and do nothing. Maybe you’ll be in Beijing, or in Denmark. Wherever it is, it’s your free time to explore the world. Becoming a Pilot requires school and training.

If getting a bit dirty and being on your knees is your thing, and you like history and art, then perhaps think about becoming an archaeologist. This travel job typically doesn’t let you travel from destination to destination, rather you stay in a location for longer periods of time while they work to uncover old stuff. When you’re not working though, you’ll have free time to explore your surroundings, learning history and culture along the way.

Auditors are needed in every type of business. Some auditors stay and work in the same city, however many need to travel to business and other countries to perform their work. Auditors get paid a lot too, so you’ll have some extra cha ching to spend when you’re not working.

Traveling Nurse
A travel nurse is nurse who’s life is filled with temporary jobs, essentially. You’ll go from hospital to hospital typically, and work. It’s not the life for everyone, but it’s a job that travels. It pays extremely well and is in high demand.

Interpreters and Translators
With so many countries and languages in the world, we need help communicating. You can become a professional interpreter or translator and help with that. Your role usually requires you to work with business that need you to assist in helping them communicate with other people. This type of travel job requires people skill and schooling. You kind of go where the business goes as well.


Why are you interested in traveling jobs? I’d love to know why. Let me know in the comment section below.

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