International Travel Checklist (10 Things You Need To Add)

Traveling abroad is exciting but planning the trip can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s a foreign country. Sure, seeing new sights and experiencing different cultures is inspiring and exhilarating but if you’re not prepared completely or at least adequately, this whole thing can turn out to be boring and depressing. Not every one is a happy-go-lucky traveler that takes things as they go. Most of us have to plan each and every detail beforehand to be able to truly enjoy our stay. So for those people, who’re traveling abroad anytime soon, here are a few things to check-off their international travel list.

The Minimum Essentials

I don’t have to tell you to not forget your visa and passport to the airport, right? Good, let’s move on. But, what would you do if you lost your passport in a foreign country? Go back home and mope. You don’t have to. Never estimate how handy an electronic version of your travel documents can be. You can take a picture of your passport or have it scanned electronically.

Buy a Travel Insurance

Most people usually don’t buy travel insurance since how likely can a serious accident be. However, it is very much possible and you don’t want to be that unlucky person who got her or his luggage and wallet stolen. It can create all sorts of trouble and put a damper on your trip. A travel insurance will compensate you for anything you lose.

Buy Inactivated Credit Cards

In case your active credit cards gets stolen and you have to close them, take a few inactive credit cards with you. That way, you won’t have to worry much about money while traveling.

Tip: If you’re touring an unusual place that doesn’t accept credit cards, make sure to keep cash with you. However, don’t exchange currency at the airport, which charges hefty exchange rates.

Save Money with Public Transport

Traveling abroad costs much more than you expect, often in the form of transportation. Going from one tourist spot to another and navigating through the city can be really daunting, that’s why most people use taxis, which are notorious for high charges. Using public transport is much better and gives you a chance to mingle with local people.

Or Rent a Car

Sure, public transport is cheaper but who can say it is not confusing. For some people, getting lost or taking the wrong train is all part of the experience but if you’re short on time and cannot afford to get lost, renting a car is your best solution.

Tips: Make certain to follow the traffic rules so you don’t end up getting a ticket in an unfamiliar country. But even if you do, you can always ring up your traffic ticket attorneys or look up ticket lawyers near me to handle the case.

Or You can Choose Backpacking

If you’re traveling with your family, then perhaps, backpacking is out of the question. But if you’re traveling solo on a low budget, then backpacking is your pal. There are hundreds of backpacking tips and tricks that can save you money and won’t get you involve in legal trouble while also enhancing your travel experience.

Pack Smart

No one will deny that packing your luggage is probably one of the most difficult task regarding international travel. You can over-pack your suitcase and end up paying extra money at the airport or you can under-pack and not even have the barest everyday essentials, which you’ll end up buying locally at expensive price. Therefore, start planning your luggage a week before your flight that’ll give you enough time to pack smart.

Never Forget your E-Reader

Speaking of packing, books are the best way to kill time on a long flight. Not to mention, a favorite book with familiar characters, is your best friend when you’re feeling alone in a foreign land with strangers whose language you cannot understand. However, packing books not only takes up space in your luggage but also adds weight to it, leading to extra fees. In this case, an e-reader is the only sensible option. You can download multiple books for your travel.

Download the Maps

When it comes to navigating a country or a city, no doubt maps come in handy. Using cellular data to access these maps, however, can cost you way too much. And Wi-Fi may not be available in remote areas such as mountains and beaches. You should download relevant maps for the places you plan on visiting and get to know the layout of the land.

Read some Travel Blogs

No, seriously. Travel blogs are the best places to stock up information regarding the city or country you’re about to visit. Not only you can find the cheapest accommodation, exquisite restaurants with great service and delicious food but you can also discover interesting places that are not on the tourist attractions list. Moreover, travel bloggers are generally nice and agreeable people, so if you have any query regarding the country you plan on visiting, you can always ask them.

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