The Usefulness of Image to Text Converters for Travel Bloggers

The face of travel blogging promotion has changed completely in the recent years. Social media is by far the most impactful stage for brand awareness and targeting customers. With every brand investing in social media marketing, the competition to generate more sales has become incredibly intense. Some travel brands have thousands of regular customers on their Facebook and Instagram pages. There is a flip side as well and various companies are forced to close down social media accounts due to low traffic rate. It all depends on the content provided through this paradigm. Along with that, visitor’s particularly serious buyers are strongly cautious about quality. In other words, the number of posts / updates do not make a difference. Instead, what you place in the plate for the users is the key.

How image to text converters come in handy for Travel experts?

Creating a social media presence for a travel brand is not that hard but maintaining it is a different ball game.  If you have a new clothing brand, do not expect it to generate massive revenue volumes immediately. It is obvious that there would be various established competitors as well. However, a new brand that offers regular interesting content to its readers does not take long to generate regular leads. The constituents of the post as well as the presentation carries significance.

  • With image to text converters, travel bloggers can take the creativity to a completely different level. These tools are helpful as they scan image ocr and pull out all the text material. For example, if product description is provided to you a JPEG or GIF format, the possibility to select the text using a cursor does not exist. This definitely does not mean that you would have to write everything from the start. A good converter would run through the image file and separate the printed text in a selectable format.

Here are three benefits that these converters offer for social media experts

Copy relevant content from an image formatted file

To get the attention of readers, providing exclusive information is a necessity. No one likes going through content which they have already read. At times, captivating social media posts can be prepared by using parts of already existing content. For instance, you may want to include a paragraph from the company vision statement in the social media post. If the file is in image form, it is not possible to select the text directly. Does this mean writing the content from start by viewing the image? An image to text conversion tool offers a more convenient way out. This tool scans and brings the printed content to text that can be selected with a cursor.

No need for unnecessary rewriting

Which other option can be used by social media personnel if an online image to text converter is not used? The other option is the conventional way out. The user would have to copy the text by looking at the image continuously. In other words, a lot of rewriting would have to be done.

  • Looking at an image and copying text has another disadvantage apart from unnecessary consumption of time. This is not an accurate option and while writing the text, errors can be made. On the other hand, conversion tools are backed by software technology so mistakes are not made during extraction of text.

Forget about dealing with complex controls While Travelling

It is not that simple to adjust to a new tool especially when you are a travel blogger. A certain time span is needed to understand features and then use them comfortably. These converters are not complex at all and users can learn to use them instantly.

  • Certain tools are not easy to adapt. They are meant for experienced software users as the interface is complex and the options are hard to understand. These converts for transforming image to text are relatively easy. Users only have to browse and select the image. There is absolutely no need to explore complex options or make several selections from drop down menus.
  • Image to text conversion applications are meant for all user types as advanced technical knowledge is not a requirement. Social media experts have to keep their respective pages updated at all times. The page loses its rank and popularity and people get to read outdated content. This conversion application helps them in including interesting information chunks in their posts. In this way, more people visit the page and popularity level increases.  Most people related to social media do not have immense software usage knowledge so complicated tools do not work for them. As these converters are equipped with an easy interface, it becomes easy for these professionals to adopt them.

Free usage is a major plus For Travel Bloggers

Why do you need to pay for something when it can be attained for free? The tools converting images to text are free so travel bloggers do not have to think about costs. If you are running a small scaled business and wish to update your Facebook page, using paid tools would out of the question for you. As these converters do not cost anything, you can perform as many conversions as needed.

  • A lot of tools offer trial versions only so this factor needs to be checked. Such tools have to be purchased after a pre-defined span. If you are comfortable with a particular converter, it would be hard to switch to another one. Hence, before finalizing the selection, ensure that the tool is 100% free.

Summing it Up

As compared to other online tools, there is no need for travel bloggers to go through a learning phase. The layout of these converters is quite easy to users develop an understanding quickly. It is a tough ask to extract text from an image because the option of direct selection does not exist. With a conversion application, the content printed in image form can be extracted. Most tools falling in this category are free and can be used without installations. They come in handy for various user categories including social media professionals. 

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