How To Hike Australia: 3 Long Distance Hiking Tips

If you are an avid hiker looking for a hiking trip, then you should consider going to Australia. The land down under is a beautiful country that features a lot of hiking trails that you can try out for yourself. Not to mention that they have long-distance hiking trails.

Where can I find long-distance hiking trails in Australia?

There are plenty of hiking trails in Australia at varying distances. The longest being the Bicentennial National Trail.

This hiking trail covers around 5,330 kilometers or 3312 miles of hiking trail which will definitely be a challenge to traverse.

Of course, you do not have to tackle Australia’s longest hiking trail yet. The Great North Walk is also a great hiking trail that is relatively long-distance but not too challenging for beginners.

However, if you want more of a challenge but do not want to traverse 5,000 km to hike, then the Heysen Trail is good enough as it is about 1,144 kilometers or around 711 miles.

Mental preparation

Physical training is definitely an important part of preparing for a long-distance hike. However, it is also important to be mentally prepared.

Given the fact that a long-distance hike is unlikely going to be as short and sweet as usual hikes, you have to prepare yourself for that.

You are likely going to be fatigued and your muscles might get tired, but it is important to keep your eyes on the prize. Being physically tired can take a toll on you mentally, so you should make sure that you can push through the fatigue and reach each milestone.

Physical training

Of course, to be able to tackle a long-distance hike, you need to have the physical capability to do so. Thus, you should get into some physical training months before you get into a long-distance hike.

With that said, there are different physical training that you can do that will help you develop areas of your body that will be useful during a long-distance hike.

Make sure that you incorporate these into your fitness regimen so that you do not tire yourself out too fast when you are finally embarking on that hike.

Endurance Exercises

Your overall physical endurance will definitely be tested during a long-distance hike, which is why you should incorporate some endurance exercises before you go on one.

Running or jogging or even walking are great endurance exercises that are easy to do. Hiking regularly will, of course, help you tackle long-distance hikes as well.

You should not only do these exercises regularly, but you should also do them with increasing intensity. That way, you are sure that your body is constantly improving and its endurance capacity improves along with it.

Aerobic Training

Aerobic training is a necessary physical training that you should do.

It helps improve your overall muscular strength. At the same time, aerobic training gets your blood pumping and your body sweating.

All of these will help improve your overall cardiovascular fitness, meaning it is good for the health of your heart.

Some aerobic training that you can do is cycling. If you like splashing around in the water, swimming is also great aerobic training for you.

There are fitness classes that help you get into aerobic training in a group setting. So if you find motivation when you do group exercises, look up aerobic training classes near you.

Resistance Training

Resistance training helps you tone your muscles and improve your muscle strength. Thus, making you stronger and more able to hike for longer periods of time.

Another term for resistance training is weight training. Thus, you should incorporate some weight-lifting to improve your muscular strength.

Start with more manageable weights for you and work your way up. That way, you reduce the risk of injury while still managing to improve your overall strength.

Be lightly equipped

Since you are packing for a long-distance hike, you want to keep your pack as light as possible. Stick to your essentials.

If you plan on bringing hiking poles with you, then consider bringing lightweight ones so that you are not tired from carrying heavy items with you.

Check if there are any areas where you can buy supplies along your hike so that you know just how much or how less you have to pack with you.

Going hiking in Australia gives you lots of options for hiking trails. However, if you are new to hiking in the land down under, it is always good to be prepared, especially if this is your first-ever long-distance hike. By preparing yourself physically and mentally, you should be able to deal with your long-distance hike with relative ease.

Do not forget to take only memories with you and leave the hiking trails like how you first arrived in it. Happy trails!

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