11 Fun Things To See, Do & Eat In France


This country has it all – admirable beauty, impressive culture, good cooking and of course, the infectious romance in the air. You don’t need a reason to visit every little corner of this country. But given that you would be on a compact itinerary, all those rivalled attractions can really give you a hard time.

That’s why we have curated the top 11 fun things you can do on your trip to this enchanting country. Now consider France your oster and dive in the deep waters of levity.

Top 11 Fun Things To Do In France

1. Find Yourself Lost in the Louvre

Declared as the most visited museum in the world, even the main entrance to the Louvre is a work of art. But don’t linger for too long marveling at the glassy pyramid.

Inside await the vast galleries and wings, holding the riches of world’s most exquisite artistic legacy, from Egyptian mummies to Leonardo’s Mona Lisa and Code of Hammurabi to Venus de Milo.

When cultural overload sets in, take a breather in the Café Mollien at the top of the grand Mollien staircase.

2. Lick the Goodness off the Plates at Crêperie Margaux

Crêperie Margaux, a lively establishment in the middle of the Saint-Malo, is considered France’s one of the best crêperies. The entrance sign on the wall reads: ‘You’re allowed to lick the plate’ and Yup! you can actually do that.

All the ingredients are fresh and you can get the delicious dark wheat crêpes made on your own personalized order: you get to choose from a large variety of classic versions, scallops flambéed in whiskey and fig jam to smoked ham and goat cheese.

From a no-fuss focal dish to a redefined dining area, this crêpery has decorated itself with stone-topped tables, straightforward plastic chairs and green vinyl bench seating. If you are planning to visit during the summer, you will find yourself seated at the tables set on the terrace out the front.

3. Mount the Tour Eiffel

If you want to throw yourself over the heart-stopping views of Paris city, then make sure to scale Eiffel Tower. From being the most famous edifice in the world to the most visited paid monument in the world, La Tour Eiffel is one of the most attractive places in France.

Built to mark the centennial celebration of the French Revolution, the Tour Eiffel was originally erected as a temporary exhibit for a World Fair.

Now adorned with some of the most beautiful glass floorings, you will also find a brasserie, a panoramic champagne bar and a Michelin-starred Jules Verne restaurant on the monument.

Even better, when the construction’s girders suddenly start to sparkle with millions of multicolored lights at night and catch you on Champs de Mars, you will immediately realize why it is the most popular proposal spots on Earth.

4. Fall in love at Musée Rodin

Without a doubt, Musée Rodin in Paris is France’s one of the most romantic museum. It is divided into two parts – the Hôtel Biron and the luscious romantic green bits.

The gardens provide you boundless canoodling opportunities and abound the French sculptor Auguste Rodin’s greatest statues including The Thinker, The Gates of Hell and Balzac. Inside the Hôtel Biron, you’ll find oodles of Rodin’s works, including The Kiss, and a room dedicated to the touching selection of Camille Claudel, his tortured lover.

Once you are done with all the artistic wonders inside, relax with an ice cream and make your way to the marble gallery, where Rodin’s most fragile, exquisite statues and some paintings by Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh are presented.

5. Taste the Authentic France at Café Moderne

If French onion meatballs bring you down to your knees, then Café Moderne is the place for you. Situated in Paris, this cafe offers a superior dining and drinking experience without digging out an Eiffel Tower sized hole in your pocket.

Though the décor gives off some NYC-hipster vibes, the cuisine has the authentic French taste along with a tempting selection of cocktails and bitters. A well packed lively atmosphere is the part of the charm. Fresh made juices and garnishes will make you and stomach happy.


6. Hunt the Gargoyles at Notre Dame de Paris

The hunchback, Quasimodo certainly had a good taste when it comes to real estate. Flash forward to today, the Notre Dame de Paris is a cathedral and is among the first buildings in the world to use the flying buttress.

At the top of the cathedral, small crafted statues are placed on the outside to serve as column supports and water spouts. Among them are the famous gargoyles – cheeky little chimeras created to watch over the city below. Unbeknown to most, these ugly mugs aren’t original i.e. they weren’t there when the structure was completed in 1345. Architect Viollet-le-Duc added them in the mid 19th-century.

The top of the cathedral’s towers is also enriched with the views of the Paris city that are nothing short of stupendous, with the River Seine and the Eiffel Tower surrounding its panoramic view.

7. Get your Cheeks stained Rouge at Moulin Rouge

Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa (ufff, quiet mouthy!) adored Moulin Rouge, and once you visit this place, you will too have all the good reasons to do so.

Located in the neighbourhood of Montmartre in Paris’ red-light district of Pigalle, the cabaret was once a hotbed of long legged lass, lithe dancers and assertive entertainment.

Even today, the real attraction of moulin rouge remains the the evening performance of cancan though the the replica of its trademark red windmill stands there for selfies. Lively and seductive, the dance is a vision for all those slender legs, whirling costumes, sexy lingerie and outstanding dance moves.

Though you’ll have to loosen your wallet a bit to enjoy the show, but be assured, it will will worth every penny.

8. (Re)Discover Yourself at Château de Versailles

Château de Versailles, better known as the Palace of Versailles is a brilliant cocktail of extravagance, beauty and architectural elegance. Centuries of makeovers and restoration have made this royal château the most sumptuously clad château in the world.

Throwing a little light at its history, the first embellished of this masterpiece was laid first built by Louis XIII as a hunting lodge of brick and stone. After Louis XIV saw Vaux-Le-Vicomte, the impressive residence of his finance minister Nicolas Fouquet, the edifice was enlarged into a royal palace by architect Louis Le Vau.

The once boggy marshland now has marvellous terraces, parterres, lush gardens and groves, a spectacular series of fountains and its most famous room, the Hall of Mirrors.

9. Bake to Make French Macarons like a Pro at Le Foodist

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a French chef in a matter of hours? Well, Le Foodist is here to make your dreams come true.

One of the most charming and elegant culinary schools of Paris, Le Foodist is your place to learn French cooking, baking classes and wine and cheese pairing.

You can learn how to make those perfectly colored macaron shells, croissants, chocolate-filled eclairs, prepare ganache and buttercream fillings from the scratch just like professional. For a big plus, you’ll get to taste them with the best of the French tea in Le Foodist’s cosy kitchen and can even box the rest of it for your home, later.

10. Raise a Toast at Chez Georges

Considered as a prime institution for the bon-vivants of Paris, Chez Georges is the place to find the best glass of red in France. Hidden in the heart of the lofty vicinity of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the vaulted stone wine cellar was opened in 1952.

The evenings in this happening restaurant welcomes a mix of the gentry, hipsters along with a glorious jumble of the hoi polloi.

Always jam packed, you can find everyone getting up on the tables drinking, clinking glasses, dancing and singing at the top of their voices. So don’t worry if you can’t escape the night without a stain or down on your shirt.

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11. Catch a Flick at Le Louxor

Paris’ Louxor – Palais Du Cinéma has an interesting history that trails behind. Opened in 1921 as a temple of silent cinema, the Egyptian art déco building faced some of its hardest time after the WW2 and became the ‘80s unsuccessful gay club, drug den and disco before being abandoned to ruin for 25 years.

With its hedonistic past left behind, the venue sprang back to life triumphantly as a cinema-cum-bar in the spring of 2013. Though its new motto is to promote cultural, artistic and educational projects in and around Paris but that doesn’t managed to kill its night life. You can still enjoy a glass of fizz or red from its starry bar, upstairs.

The Bottom Line

Whatever you decide to do in France, one thing is sure: you will never regret your visit there. Just pack your best pair of shoes and get ready for those soothing long walks and enjoy the intrinsic culture of this enchanting country!

Share the experience with your family and friends. They would love (and will be jealous) to hear how your trip goes!

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