Fun Things to See, Do and Eat in Cebu, Philippine

Cebu is a progressive province in the Philippines, that is located in the Central Visayas region. Central Visayas region is composed of Cebu Island and another 150 smaller islands and islets.

If you are a nature lover, “The Queen City of the South" has a lot to offer, from the beautiful sandy beaches to peaks and waterfalls. You got to enjoy both the perks of living an island life and at the same time experience the busy city. Do you dream of swimming with the whale sharks? Would you like to enjoy listening to the voice of talented Filipino singers? The best thing of all is to taste our native dishes. Cebu has a wide range of different cuisines to offer! Let us start your adventure on fun things to see, do and eat in Cebu, Philippines. We have it all, right here, in Cebu!

Top 16 Things to Do in Cebu

Take a peek in the Creative Landscape of Flowers in Busay, Cebu

Let us take a peek on the lovely flower farm in Busay, Cebu. Here you will find different beauties located in one area. If you are a lover of nature, this place is in the mountain part. The temperature is cool and the views are overlooking the nearby mountains. The best time to visit here is Between October to February when flowers are abundant. During this period of harvest, you’ll get to see flower stands along the road and mind you, they are all super fresh and cheap.

Visit Temple of Leah – “A Symbol of Love and Dedication"

The Temple of Leah is a new addition to Cebu’s favorite spots to visit. Built out of love and dedication to a wife, this temple is a Roman design, overlooking the view of Cebu City. If you are a lover of such structures and has an eye on museum art galleries, this spot is waiting for you. Still located in Busay, the view would be completely awesome at night time when you can see the city lights. So, if you want the feel of visiting Ancient Rome right here in Asia, Temple of Leah can offer the same and more!

Taste our Delicious, Crispy LECHON!

Cebu is known as the “Lechon" capital of the world. Proud to say, the taste of Cebu lechon is incomparable to others. You can choose from original to spicy and since it is from Cebu, the price is affordable. In every buffet or special occasions, lechon is the superstar of the meal preparation. The Filipinos got this term from the Spanish words which mean “roasted pig". So when you come over Cebu, try a taste of our well-known lechon. I tell you, you will ask for more!

Let us drop by at the 10,000 roses in Cordova

Booming Cebu, this new attraction was completed last year. In daylight, you will see the beauty of thousand roses near the sea. Until now, hundreds of people visit this café daily. The café has glass walls so you can totally enjoy the ambiance while drinking your favorite espresso. It would be different at night-time however, these lovely roses will suddenly light up, illuminating the darkness with the aura of fantasy. Interested in walking under the enchanting moonlight with sea breeze touching your face? Now, Is it that romantic?

Let us try eating an exotic food “Tuslob Buwa"

Are you game for an exotic taste adventure in Cebu? “Tuslob Buwa" is one of the popular exotic food among many. You’ve got to try some, it is delicious. This unique delicacy is made out of pig’s brain. It is cooked in oil with onion spice and seasoned with soy sauce. This is eaten paired with our popular “hanging rice". When cooking, it will turn bubbly when heated up. Dip your hanging rice in there so you get to taste it. Since it is exotic, it would be kind of expensive. You can try to find somebody to cook it for you so that you can share it with the whole group at a lower cost.

Let us Eat another Exotic Food called “Ginabot"

If “Tuslob Buwa" is made out of pig’s brain, this “Ginabot" is made out of deep fried pork intestines. Very common in the street foods in Cebu, this really is delicious and crunchy. This is also called “Chicharon Bulaklak" which means flower crackling. If you want to try this, it is best enjoyed when eaten with bare hands and venture on eating it somewhere you can get a little chair to sit on by the streets. Do not forget to pair it with “hanging rice". Do you want more of our exotic foods, there are so much more!

Experience the First Class Restaurants at Ayala Center

After the exotic foods, I bet you can’t wait to go to an Italian, Thai, Korean or Japanese Restaurant. Yet of course, we have here our best Filipino food choices. Take your pick! As one of the big shopping malls in Cebu, Ayala is located in the uptown and is a popular shopping place for everyone.

Health and Fitness: Learn the Art of Pole Dancing

Trending here in Cebu in the area of body fitness is pole dancing. A lot of the new generation is interested in opting for this exercise along with zumba and yoga. Visit our gyms and dancing studios to learn how to test your body to its limits.

Here is my list of the top 16 things to do in the Philippines! These are the best fun things to see, do and eat in the Philippines!

Let’s Zumba!

Let us try to burn those fats we gained from eating exotic foods and do zumba. Zumba is very popular in the Philippines. In fact, there are free zumba schedules in the malls, parks or even in private neighborhood areas. Filipinos are dance lovers, so whenever you can hear the sound of an upbeat, Filipinos will be flocking wherever it may be.

Spend a peaceful afternoon at the Celestial Gardens

Majority of the Filipinos is Catholic. The Celestial Garden are a favorite spot during Holy Week. Here you will see the Station of the Cross, in life size statues. You can enjoy the mountain scenery as well.

Let us go to the Beaches! How about Whale Shark Watching at Oslob

One thing that tourists are excited about when they come to Cebu is the adventure to watch the whale sharks at Oslob. If you are lucky, you are allowed to swim and even touch them. A fun of waters myself, I can say, this is a very rare experience for you to have.

Enjoy the white sands of Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island has the reputation of being one of the most astounding beaches in the world. With its white fine sands, you will experience the joy and peace of a beach vacation. I can boast the crystal clear water that surrounds it and the cleanliness of the beach. Let us spend a day in Bantayan Island! Fresh fruit juices and fresh fruit blends are offered in variety. Accommodation is reasonable too.

Experience The Beauty of Aguinid Falls

Are you ready for a climb or would you like to feel the icy water in the first level? The Aguinid falls has different levels. If you want to go see the spectacular view of the falls from above, you’ve got to climb the tricky rocky terrain. Wherever you choose, this experience will be worthwhile to remember.

Appreciate what Kawasan Falls has to Offer

With so many falls and beaches in Cebu, it is hard to choose where to go first. However, Kawasan Falls is one of the most popular around. We might stumble while we trek to go there but you get to see and pass by the river along with the beautiful plants nearby. Ready your camera for there will be lots of scenery of that is worth your shots.

The thrill of swimming inside Timubo Cave

Located in Camotes island Timubo Cave is an enchanting and a thrilling place to explore. You could see the clear waters and touch the different rocks inside. Since the cave is down under, you got to pass to hole in the ground to get there. The hole is just enough for a person to fit in.

Enjoy Cebu’s nightlife with the Best Live Bands

Filipinos they say are born singers. So if you like to listen to what it is like around the best live bands, you’ve got to explore the city at night. Enjoy your favorite cocktail and prepare a list of your favorite songs. The band will be happy to sing it for you.

So how was the trip? There are hundreds of places that I can show you within Cebu Island. The beaches, caves, falls, mountains, malls, theme parks, restaurants, and city life abounds. One of the reasons why you can’t resist to come back visit. If you plan to do so, bring your friends and experience another adventure with us!

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