The Best Trips Ideas for You and Your Friends

When you grow older and become an independent adult, something wonderful happens. Where you once went on an annual holiday with your family, you’re suddenly free to organize your own trip with your closest friends. But what should you do, and where should you go? This quick guide will introduce you to the four most fantastic travel ideas for you and your friends to book and enjoy. From the joy of relaxing in your own villa to the adventure of the road trip, you’re sure to find yourself inspired by the ideas posted below.

  1. Hiking the Outdoors

If you’re all relatively fit individuals, there can be few finer joys than heading on a hiking trip into the wilderness, with supplied and tents strapped to your backs and the spirit of natural appreciation in your souls. By night, you’ll roast food over a fire. By day, you’ll amble through incredible scenery, stopping to rest wherever you wish. You can totally remove yourself from the modern world, with no phones or laptops, which means you’ll have the most social time with the friends you hold most dear.

  1. The Villa Stay

Another firm favorite from groups of friends is the uncomplicated and easy booking of a villa with enough rooms to host all of your friends in a private and scenic setting. If this sounds like your cup of tea, do your research, such as checking out Villas in Balearics and other picturesque island chains to find the villa of your dreams. If there’s enough of you staying, a villa can be a remarkably cheap way to enjoy the company of your friends. Make sure you find a villa near enough to a town for you to go as a group to restaurants and bars, or to buy food to cook inside the villa itself.

  1. Road Tripping

Road trips are fabulous ways to explore the world with your friends. They also represent the best impromptu travel option for those who like to spontaneously head off into the unknown. If you’re based in Europe, there’s nearly no end to the number of places you’ll be able to explore by leaving your home in your car. The same can be said of the Americas; you’ll never run out of new villages or unique landscapes to drive into on your own unique adventure with your friends.

  1. Party Hostels

Another one for the younger and more energetic travelers, party hostels in party cities can be a whole lot of fun for groups of friends who like to sample the nightlife of the places that they visit. From Lima to Berlin, you’ll find cheap hostels in which you can meet fellow party-lovers to share good nights and new memories with.

  1. The Experience-Hunters

Groups of friends all have their own individual dreams and aspirations, and you should always follow these if they’re going to lead you on a fun adventure. Let’s say you set your eyes on seeing Orangutans: you should organise a trip to Indonesia to do just that. Or you’ve always dreamed of going to the Taj Mahal; get yourself over to India with your friends to share the experience with them.

Holidays with friends can be blissfully easy and hilariously fun, and the four options offered above should give you some ideas as to what to book for your next trip abroad.

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