10 Best Fishing Destinations In Asia You Gotta Visit

The largest continent of the world, Asia is the land of abundant fishing adventure destinations that would suit all the special wishes and requirements.

Starting from Mekong Delta to that of South China Sea, you will definitely find ideal spots for fishing according to your purpose. Have a look at these ten fishing destinations in Asia that you must visit given below.

Top 10 Fishing Destinations in Asia

1. Tioman, Malaysia

If you want to take something big at home, then this could be the right place for you. The Tioman Island consists of plenty marine life and is famous for Tioman fishing. The island is known to have trophy fish, and anglers can try all levels of skill here.

You could hire a boat or join any group to enjoy a trip to some of the best areas of fishing in the waters of South China Sea. The most popular catch in these waters would be Black Marlin. However, you would also be able to find fishes like barracuda, giant trevally, sailfish and yellow tuna.

2. Lei Yue Mun, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island is known to have many fishing areas or villages that could be ideal to enjoy a great fishing outing. Among all the places, Lei Yue Mun would be the best fishing spot by far to visit. It is basically a narrow channel situated on the eastern side of Victoria Channel.

Mining, farming is prevalent in this area, but Fishing is known to have dominated more this narrow channel for past 150 years. This place began to attain popularity in the 1960s for alfresco seafood dining.

3. Mekong River, Thailand

Mekong River is the seventh biggest river in this continent that ranges from Tibetan Plateau to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma. This 4,909 km length River is known to be an excellent area for fishing, especially for a family. The river provides an important source of economy for several countries in Southeast Asia.

The area is rich incredibly in the marine environment. The river is the home of 1,300 fishes, and you could be able to catch as much as 100kg big Mekong catfish. The river even houses migratory species about 600 in numbers.

4. Borneo, Malaysia

Borneo, the third largest island of the world is known to have a great variety of marine species and also various destinations of fishing. The place offers a great scope to worldwide anglers for exploring one of the best fishing areas in the world. The island houses over-abundant fish species including the king of waters, the Black Marlin and Blue Marlin.

Dogtooth, Bigeye, and Yellowfin Tuna could even be found in deep water areas close to dropping offs or atolls. The other game fishes that could be found are like Wahoo, Dorado, Cobia, Rainbow Runner, Giant Trevally, Barracuda, Escolar, Greater Amberjack, bigger sharks and many other types. However, Striped Marlin, as well as the Pacific Sailfish, is even the common game fish.

Asia is one of the best places in the world to go fishing! Here are 10 destinations in Asia for the best fishing!

5. Phuket, Andaman Sea

Phuket would provide huge numbers of fishes of every shape and size to catch right here. You would find fishes like Black Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Rainbow Runner, Trevally, Queen Fish and many others. This place is gaining the popularity in matters of game fishing and angling.

6. Indonesia Sea, Bali

Indonesia Island is popularly known for its beach, party life and culture. But apart from these, the place could be a good option to try fishing; more particularly spearfishing and game fishing. Here in Bali, fishers could experience great fishing all the times in a year.

You would be able to find a wide variety of fishes such as Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel, Trevallies and many others.

7. South China Sea, Redang

Redang is popularly known as the paradise of deep sea fishing. The place could be a real area of the fishery for experienced as well as beginner anglers. The island has a drop-off, known as ‘Tongue of the Ocean’ whose depth is not more than 1830m.


One could be able to catch fishes like snappers, jacks, barracudas, sailfish, and narrow-barred mackerel. However, waters of both Redang as well as Perhentian Islands are the part of Marine Park. Hence, fishing would be forbidden within such limits.

You would have to go far offshore to start fishing.

8. Andaman Sea, Langkawi

Pulau Perak is situated 60 miles southwest of Langkawi in the south Andaman Sea. The place is even known as Silver Island for being made up of granite and limestone rock. This place is known to house various fish species such as striped marlin, rainbow runner, sailfish, bigeye tuna and giant trevally.

Fishing trips to this Silver Island would take three to four days employing fishing boats. These boats would be available from Langkawi for charter.

9. Indian Ocean, Maldives

Maldives is surrounded by seas, and this makes it a great place to enjoy fishing. Fishing even forms a significant source of income in Maldives. You would be able to catch various kinds of fishes like Marlin, sailfish, barracuda, wahoo, yellowfish tuna, swordfish, and many other big game fishes. If you want to know how to catch these fish, go

Night fishing is very popular here in Maldives. You would be able to get hold of fishes such as emperors, snappers, barracuda, jacks, squirrel fish and many others, right at night.

10. Indonesia Sea, Flores

Flores is a part of Lesser Sunda Islands. The place would be an excellent choice to enjoy spear fishing and superb game fishing.

Flores is known to possess fresh waters as well as plenty places of fishing. The locals would even teach the exclusive tips for catching fishes there effectively.


If you are looking for the best places to enjoy fishing in Asia, then there are uncountable places to visit. For fishing you definitely need best monofilament line that will serve your purpose.

Whether you want to adventure alone or with family, you will surely get the perfect place according to your choice and targets. The list mentioned above about the 10 fishing destinations that you must visit would help you a lot in determining a good place, thereby making your trip exciting and effective.

Author: Ted Thomas from Graywolfelife.com