How To Make The Most Out Of Your Fishing Camping Trip

Fishing – for some it’s a way to earn their bread, for some it’s a hobby and for others, it’s an activity that helps to relieve their stress after a long week of hard work.

It’s no secret fishing is a popular activity in many parts of the world, after all, it’s a great way to connect to nature. Planning a fishing trip may sound easy, but it isn’t so.

There are many things you need to take into account when you’re planning a fishing trip such as the weather conditions, finding the best fishing kayaks or boats, the right gears, and equipment.

Luckily for you, we’re providing some nifty tips and tricks you can use to make your next fishing trip go smoother. Let’s check them out!

1. License And Maps, Please?

Picture this: you drive up to the camping grounds, you’re ready to fish and have a great time with your friends or family. But then, you realize you don’t have a fishing license and it turns out you can’t fish without one.

It sounds sad sight, right? That’s why in order for you to fish, you’ll need to have a license. If you don’t have a license you won’t be able to fish and what’s worse is that you might end up in jail.

Another thing you need during your camping is a map. The map is essential because it will help you give an idea about your surroundings. For short trips, it’s not really necessary to carry a map.

Since there are navigation apps available on smartphones now, you don’t have to carry an actual one. However, having a map gives off of an authentic feel to camping.

2. Fishing Equipment​ and Bait

Whether it’s your first time fishing or your hundredth time, you need to carry the necessary fishing equipment in order to have a successful fishing experience.

There are some basic fishing equipment every angler is familiar with such as fishing rods, bait, artificial bait, corks, hook, line, a reel, etc. Along with the basics, you’ll also need to carry some waterproof bags or zip lock bags with you.

The waterproof bags will keep your wallet and your phone safe as you’ll be surrounded by water and accidents are bound to happen at some point. So, it’s better to be prepared for it.

As for baits, if you want to switch it up from your usual ones, you can go for rigging a Senko. Even if you’re a beginner, rigging a Senko is a great practice and they are easy to make as well.

3. Sustenance and Safety

Going camping means you need to pack food and water for your trip. Instead of carrying heavy meals, packing light such as dried fruits, instant cup noodles, pre-cut frozen fruits, sandwiches, bagels and the most essential one – s’ mores.

Packing basic ingredients can also make your packing lighter. There are some really easy recipes you can use to whip some really nice meals.

What’s camping without some chocolate s’ mores? You can also carry instant coffee or tea bags as well. You could be camping for a good amount of days, so it makes sense to pack enough food.

Another important thing you need to be careful about is safety. Essentials like sunscreen, goggles, hats, knife, nylon ropes, rescue bags, and a first aid box are super important.

Let’s not forget tissue wipes and toilet paper, they are also important essentials you need to pack for your trip!

​4. Waterproof Everything!

As we mentioned before about keeping your phone and wallet dry, there are other things such as a waterproof camera and appropriate footwear you need to consider as well.

Lakes or river beds can be rocky and have sharp edges around them. You can easily slip with one bad footing. Boats can be slippery too as they will be wet often. It’s wise to invest in footwear that will keep you safe during your fishing trip.

Similarly, waterproof cameras are super important as well. They will drastically make your fishing experience easy by letting you know about what’s going on underwater.

You’ll get better results and lessen your fishing time too! You’ll also need a lowering cord for your camera that will allow you to lower it deep into the water.

5. Carry Your Tool Box All the Time​

A fishing toolbox is the most important thing you should pack first. It’s a camping essential and your fishing toolbox should include pliers, hemostats and lanyards.

These tools will help you to remove hooks from the fish you catch on your trip.

Carrying a hemostat may sound difficult, but we assure you, it’s absolutely necessary. As for needle fliers, you don’t have to use it on small fishes, but for the big ones, they will come in super handy.

They’ll help to remove the hooks easily. Similarly, lanyards are essential in the sense that they will help with hanging nail clippers and cutting lines. So, remember to carry your toolbox with you before you set out for camping!

Last Minute Important Tips and Tricks

Here are some last-minute tips for you to consider before you head out for your fishing trip:

What Else Comes With Fishing?

Along with fishing, there are other activities such as riding a boat or kayaking, pedaling, looking for appropriate shelter and rest. It’s not just the fishing you just need to focus on, these are important aspects as well.

Oh, did we mention you also need to have tons of fun too?

The Right Tools and Your Surrounding

The right conditions, the right type of fish, your surroundings – all of this calls for the right type of gears to be chosen for your trip.

For example, if you’re looking to catch a catfish or hooking a minnow, you’ll need to pack the things that will help you make the bait for these purposes.

Other factors such as the climate, water conditions, and the environment also play a role in what you need to pack for your trip. If you’re not familiar with the area you’re fishing in, do some research first.

You can find out more by going to the local bookstore or speaking with the locals. These pieces of information are useful and help make your trip full of new experiences.

Learning From Your Mistakes

Review your trip and analyze what went wrong. Learning from your mistakes can be super helpful for when you’re planning your next trip. Whatever you did wrong can be easily fixed or improved.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope the tips we provided help you to have a great fishing trip. Remember to pack your fishing tool box and camping essentials and cross your fingers for an amazing experience.

If this article helps you to have an amazing experience you can share this with your fishing buddies!

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