Diving in the Islands of Malta and Gozo

Malta and its sister island Gozo provides tremendous diving opportunities for people who seek to have a thrilling scuba diving and snorkeling adventure. The islands are popular spots for local and global divers. Let’s look at some of the amazing diving spots you can find in Malta and Gozo.


Rozi Wreck

This is a popular diving tourist attraction since 1992. The Rozi is a tugboat that was scuttled around 70 meters away from the jetty and lies at a depth of 40 meters. The entire wreck is visible owing to the exceptional clarity of the water and is a perfect spot for diving and exploring marine life. It is frequently surrounded by Mediterranean fish of different sizes and shapes. The Rozi Wrecks is sure to give you memorable diving experiences.

P29 Wreck

This is a recent addition to Malta’s rich wreck diving scene which was purposefully scuttled in 2007 to create an artificial reef and support the declining fish population to grow. The boat lies flat at 37 meters and is fairly new for tourists who come from all over the world to Malta. Some fish, including friendly groupers, are found here. The entrance point to this dive site is a slope from the car park to the sea, where steps are made and a handrail leads into a shallow bay.

Ghar Lapsi – Cave

Lying three miles north of Wied iz-Zurrieq, Ghar Lapsi is popular with swimmers. It boasts a remarkable series of swim-throughs and caverns that connect the inner bay to the outer side of the reef. Divers can leave the bay via a tunnel to the clear waters of the open sea. Light rays penetrate from the cracks in the ceiling above and make the cave a spectacular diving site. Divers have cited experiences of coming across cuttlefish, octopus and even the seahorse.

Um El Faroud Wreck

A magnificent wreck as compared to the two wrecks we have mentioned so far, this one is an 110mt gas tanker. This wreck now sits in two parts, split down the middle and comprises of a large number of pelagic fish and shoals of barracuda. The winding gear at the bow staircases, the swim-throughs along gangways and the size of this wreck calls for dozens of diving adventures.


Azure Window and Blue Hole

The most popular dive site and a popular tourist attraction, the Blue Hole is globally famous and is located on the western edge of Gozo. Divers are excited to find large boulders, caves and swim throughs as the site offers large contrasts between deep blue waters and the reefs. Large fish and some minute creatures can also be clearly seen. All divers must be prepared for a rough walk if they want to fully appreciate the beauty of the shore as the entrance is a little bumpy.

A natural arch in the cliff about 20m high, the Azure Window is above the surface that also extends 15m under the water. Once the divers get through the arch, they have the option to turn left along the back of a reef wall to another reef. This spot is famous for its crystal clear blue waters, stunning caves and fantastic walls.

Reqqa Point and Billinghurst Cave

Located on the north side of Gozo, the top of the Billinghurst cave opening is a few meters below the surface while the bottom lies at 27m. This diving spot is not at all recommended for amateur or beginners as it is fairly difficult for them to enter and make their way out. The exit comprises of a solid rock in the form of a steep slope and no handrails or steps. It leads to a narrow ledge that is a couple of meters above the sea.

Divers are surrounded by colored sponges and virgin lace coral with scorpionfish, tubeworms and anemones which hide in the gaps. Divers can exit this spot through the Reqqa Reef with large boulders legged against the vertical underwater cliffs and appear as if they have been purposely placed. This spot offers large scorpionfish and is an excellent refuge for dentex and groupers.


The diving site of Comino is popular for its large well-lit caverns, incredible lagoons and fish feeding dives. A multifaceted connection of caves creates remarkable underwater scenery with an abundance of photographic opportunities and fish life. The islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino have some of the clearest waters in the world. Excellent visibility makes every diving and snorkeling adventure a dream experience. Underwater photography is possible for capturing flourishing marine life which offers a colorful display.

As all diving sites are close to each other, tourists and diving enthusiasts can reach them easily within a short time. There are plenty of walls, caves and wrecks with reefs that make these islands perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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