What to Wear in Australia: 7 Clothing Tips for First-Time travelers

If it is your first time to travel to the land down under, it is just right to list down the different types of clothing you have to bring.

Planning on what to bring on your travel makes packing easier and makes use of your time in a more efficient manner. Next, to that, you can then decide if you would be needing a massive checked suitcase or will a piece of international carry-on luggage would suffice?

Listed below are considered clothing must-haves when traveling to Australia.

Slip-on Mesh Water Shoes

Australia is comprised of many smaller islands. Therefore, different sorts of water activities await you. From surfing to kayaking to aqua jetpack flying, name it – you can do it all.

Therefore, rather than stuff in your suitcase with different types of trainers or rubber shoes, it would be better to invest in quality slip-on mesh water shoes.

Apart from they are very versatile and reliable, they also weigh almost nothing if you wish to travel light.

Flip Flops

As mentioned before, Australia is a place that is made up of many smaller islands. Thus, beach trips are inevitable, and a basic commodity on a beach trip is flip flops.

Pair them with a nice flowy dress or a top and a trendy pair of shorts and you’re good to go.

Again, just like the mesh water shoes they also weigh almost nothing if traveling light is your goal.

Now, apart from making sure you bring proper clothing types with you, be sure to also equip yourself with some Aussie vocabulary too. Thongs is another term Australians use to denote flip flops. So try your best not to confuse yourself when a local asks you to “show them your thongs”.

Tops and Blouses

It snows in Australia during winter, and when it’s summer, the temperature can get really warm and humid. Therefore, tops made with cotton materials would come handy.

Linen fabric is also a good option. Linen tops radiate both a relaxed and smart look when worn.

Anything that is made up of breathable fabrics, bring them with you when traveling to Australia in summer. The idea is, dress comfortably and smart.

Pashmina or Sarong

Going back to the idea of packing light, bringing in a pashmina with you could be a better option rather than bringing an extra jacket.

Apart from that, it also serves a lot more different types of purposes.

Feeling underdressed as you walk to the city? Throw it around your neck and you could easily make a statement.

Forgot your beach towel from the hotel? Use it as an alternative.

Wanted to look more extra with your ponytail? Use it as a turban.

There are a lot of other things you could do with a pashmina or a sarong. Even if you bring just one, it’ll serve you in every way possible.

Dressy Shorts

Putting on a pair of shorts when you go to the city doesn’t have to look plain.

Opt for dressy shorts than the denim distressed ones. They’re more classy and will make you look smarter rather than rugged. At the same time sporting a relaxed and comfortable look.

Always think that during summer it could get really warm there. So make sure you come prepared with your lightweight fabric shorts.

Pair your cute blouses with pastel-colored shorts to make you look picture-perfect wherever you go.

Waterproof Jacket

Don’t be confused. Since rainfall is spread fairly evenly throughout the year, expect to have sporadic rain showers even during summer.

And although bringing a ‘brolly, slang for an umbrella, could be the best idea, surely you wouldn’t want to carry that around the whole day.

Therefore, another option is to bring a waterproof jacket instead. Chances are, the rain won’t last long anyway. You could easily roll your jacket and put it back in your bag, or just put it on if it’s not too thick or heavy.

If you wish to go out at night, it may also get chilly so the jacket comes handy.


Wearing glasses to protect your eyes from the sun could get annoying or tiring at times, especially when worn almost the whole day.

In Australia, wearing sunnies is inevitable especially during summer.

Opting for a hat though is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get the eye protection you yearn for, at the same time you also protect your face and head from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Final Thoughts

Australia is a big country, therefore the climate is varied. It could be freezing in Melbourne while people from Queensland are sunbathing by the beach. And all this could happen on the same day.

Aussie people are known to be laid-back, but they surely don’t dress scruffily. Neither should you, as a tourist.

Always remember to dress comfortably and smart at the same time, and you can easily blend in with the locals.

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