5 Cheap Balkan Cities For Digital Nomads

When traveling or on vacation, there are millions of places you can go to. Overlooked, yet beautiful and interesting, foreign, but adventurous, they are as they are, it’s sometimes difficult to give up their location because of you somehow want the “secret” of an affordable, and beautiful and interesting place to live, all to yourself.

In fact, there are countless of digital nomads that are visiting various places all over the world and share them on social media or on their personal blog. It’s great to learn about the places that someday you may end up living at or may want to journey to work. Balkan cities are affordable, adventuresome, …

You may want to keep these critical things in mind. There are some places that you should research before visiting and maybe even go through their official website.

First of all, the cost of living is every traveler’s main information they may want to get before jumping into anything life changing.

Second, you need to calculate how much spending you’ll be doing while you’re at your destination and living at that particular city, per month. Next, is to figure your financial income as a ‘digital nomad”, including the pros and cons from your destination and against your hometown. In other words, “how much do you need to live there on a monthly basis?

Digital nomads have a purpose. They really are considered independent, couragous, fun, adventuresome, brave, hardworking, apprecative,…and are mainly are a unique group of travelers who travel while making a living simultaneously. In fact, they help contribute to places normally people overlook. They also contibute greatly to the businesses which are conducted daily there. This is because of their stay or temporary visit. Contributing to the city they visit and that city’s economy is a huge benefit for all who are involved. The benefit is mutual in other words.

There are set-up costs whenever you move somewhere new

Here are some of the things normally brought by digital nomads when living from place to place and working:

  • »Hygienic items such as kitchen cleaning items, cooking items, bathroom necessities, and if you if traveling by train, plenty of things.
  • »Food is a necessity; luckily, when traveling in the Balkan region, it’s cheap.
  • »Having to buy plug adaptes. New USBs, SIM cards, charging items…is normal.
  • »Living accommodations is the best; more cheap apartments when you share with someone is the cheapest, plus you’ll find plenty of 1-4 bedrooms that are extremely accommodating. If staying longer than 6 months, the apartments are cheaper.

Naturally, you can go to certain websites to find out how to reserve before you go to certain places. A good one is Numbeo. It allows you to screen the place, find the rental price and compare between two cities. (www.numbeo/cost-of-living.com/) Additionally, some of the apartments in the Balkan cities are fully furnished: sheets, pillows, kitchenettes…to name a few. Looking up rentals is have the fun.

Here are the 5 cities to go to for cheap living in the Balkan region. You’ll enjoy the food, the nightlife, the people, the untouched or seen places, the beaches,…to name a few.

Sofia, Bulgaria

The largest city in Bulgaria has a population of 1.26 million and is the capital of Bulgaria. Vitosha Mountain which is in the western side of the country is where this digital nomad city is located. It’s less than 50 kilometres from the Serbian border.

Sofia is at the center of the peninsula of Balkan which is in the middle of the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea; the nearest sea is naturally then, the Aegean Sea.

Although, here the cost of living is connected to what you like to do when you’re not working. Naturally the digital nomads have a very independent lifestyle that eating out and visiting certain spots is the norm. Connection to the locals and the lifestyle including the safety of you and your roomates (if you share your apartment or place of living) is a critical part of the life you’ll live in this town.

Backpacking in Sophia is a true journey. The experiences you’ll have as the city continues to modernize is no doubt the most exciting thing a traveler will ever experience.

It roughly costs approximately an average of $2000 to live in Sophia a month. If you move in an apartment, split rent, utilities, and such, it can definitely get cheaper! Airbnb has some nice referrals to some cheap apartments.

Also, Sofia is considered peaceful, the traffic is safe, and so is the nightlife, the weather is okay and it’s above average when it comes to lifestyle. The cost of living is good, and so is the Wi-Fi, which is good and there’s A/C and heating. Although, most of the locals’ English is bad, and everyone is pretty nice to foreigners. The majority of the restaurants can feed you under 15 levs.

Sofia is affordable, bottom line. Some people have found apartment at the center of the city for only 500 euros. Yet, it’s not often you’ll find places like this in Europe. And there’s major improvements daily to the city.

Thesaloniki, Greece

In Greece, living the high life can be pricey, but at Thesaloniki, Greece, you can live on the cheap. In fact, the prices for one drink in New York will buy you two here.

For digital modern ammenities, you’ll have no problem setting up here to work in this part of Greece. While your living here, you’ll learn some interesting facts; one is that Greece is mountainous and that is that it is 80% mountainous and in those mountain, it’s covered with forests by 50%. Plus, there’s approximately 3000 islands around and a few have people living there. People do come out around 8pm in which you’ll begin to see the crowded restaurants, including the main city “bars and center”.

Himara, Albania

This city will keep you on a budget, especially if you want to live here for a few weeks. The weather in Himara is great. It’s considered the “budget beach holiday” and you’ll see why. The beaches are beautiful and by way of traveling to the Albanian Riviera, you’ll probably fall in love with it and simply want to stay. But, digital nomads do not stay long, they travel and journey along to the next beach or city.

The beaches are white and like a postcard. There’s seafood that’s always fresh and delicious. The Gjipe Beach is partially undiscovered beach and spending your days here is affordable. Spend some time on Ksamil, Himara or Vlora’s main beaches which are the best secret spots to visit. And that’s exactly what we did!

You’ll find the apartments cheap with accommodations that include a the kitchenette, the bathroom and heating and A/C. TVs and dining areas are also included. Some apartments have check in and check out times. Which are okay for some people. Sharing rent is always an easy find too.

Split, Croatia

The self employed will love Croatia. The residential neighborhoods will make you feel like you live there.

Employed persons, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads work by the Adriatic…You’ll find places to work in such as “location-independent workplaces” that are comfy and cheap to work in. You’ll get the fast internet speed needed by any digital nomad.

A view of the sea while you work is a digital nomad’s paradise. One of the Croatian beaches is in the top 10 world’s best beaches to visit. (Skyscanner.com)

It has the best beach because of the clearest, bluest water you’ll ever see. Mild Mediterranean climate attracts visitors all year round.

Also, Zlatni Rat which is on the Dalmatian island of Brač is Croatian’s most famous beach.

You can get a unlimited monthly pass for the bus. This is about US $44.

It does give those digital nomads a peace of mind. Also you can find on coworking space at Atmosfera Coworking which you can find on Facebook. It also has lots of stores, markets, and cafes for all your goods. People love international digital nomads and they are friendly.

Balkan cities are excellent choices for low cost sight seeing and cultural activities. Check out these 5 amazingly low cost Balkan cities to travel to on a budget

Bitola, Macedonia

Macedonia is cheap. You can get into a cheap hostel for $7. Also, there’s the multi-course meals with a fine wine for less than $10. There are also private quarters that you can get between $15-25. It’s beautifull and mountainous. Especially the countryside of Macedonia.The food is absolutely healthy and the wine is fine and cheap. A bottle for about $2-$3. The connections for the digital nomad in Macedonia is splendid. The traveling that you can do from here is amazing. Some things that you may want to know is that there’s money-changing booths which is great for any traveler.

Although it’s easier to travel by bus to certain areas from Macedonia, it’ll be great sight seeing while you’re on the bus. Since it’s not well known, there is lots of potential. Although there may be trashed streets, it will remind you of places like Bosnia. But, it’s safe and the internet is okay. Yet, it’s a great place to live because of the cost of living there. You’ll enjoy it and again, for a digital nomad, that really counts.

Finally, traveling as a digital nomad to these destinations, you’ll not only enjoy the views while you work or relax at the many places you can visit, you’ll also see some mysterious places you can’t see in your homeland. They are awe-inspiring places to go to. Digital nomads are always welcome in these 5 places that you can live on the cheap in Balkan.

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