10 Ways To Get Cheap Spare Rooms While Traveling Anywhere

Finding a spare room when traveling

Feeling a little fed up and not sure what to do? I know what you need – an escape from the monotony of daily life! Pack your bags and get on an adventure that will make you feel alive!

Travelling can be an addiction that gives happiness without side-effects. You travel to different places and learn about different cultures. It provides you with an escape from the pressures of your daily life and improves your perspective and mindset.

But here comes the worst part: Planning the trip. It is a headache to look for where to stay, organise the flights and travel arrangements, do the packing and manage your expenses. The key is dealing with the hassle of finding accommodation that meets the objectives.

But don’t you worry, as there are plenty of website resources that can help you find somewhere that suits all the requirements.

Traveling is not always about searching for the cheapest offer you can find, but for obtaining good value for your money.

Where you stay might depend upon:

  • »Your travel budget
  • »Your travel destination
  • »The required level of travel comfort and style.
  • »The number of travel companions
  • »Your likes and interests

It is sometimes better to save money on hotels, flats or hostels so that you can spend more on activities and on exploring different countries and cities. The length of your trip will also affect the type of accommodation.

If you’re on a trip for a longer time, you can rent spare rooms in apartments or houses. This will cut back on your accommodation costs and you can spend the money elsewhere. Increasingly, people are preferring to rent rooms rather than stay in hotels. Renting spare rooms can have several benefits like:

You have access to a full kitchen and so can cut-back on food costs.

You have your own laundry facilities.

You can rent a 3 or 4-bed apartment and split the charges with your friends.

These extra facilities make your trip even more worthwhile and are light on the pocket.

A good site for finding spare rooms across the UK is https://accommodation.co.uk/spareroom

finding spare rooms


1. Stay in a Central Location

You shouldn’t look for a cheaper option if it takes you miles out of the town and you end up paying extra for the costs of commuting. It is better to stay in a central area which is closer to public transport, local attractions, restaurants, airports and from where you can walk to the most interesting destinations.

In this way you can save time and money.

2. Stay for Longer

Often a better deal can be found or negotiated if the accommodation is for a longer period.

3. Keep in Mind the Weekdays

Many hotels are booked on Friday and Saturday night by leisure travelers and from Monday to Friday by business travellers, so it may be cheaper on Sunday nights as it falls between both classes of traveller.

If you are travelling to the big tourist destinations like London, New York, Paris and Istanbul avoid booking them on weekends. Rather, go for weekdays which is a cheaper option.

5. Travel in ‘Shoulder-Season’

You will notice that accommodation prices vary from season to season.

The time between off-season and peak season is termed as the ‘shoulder-season’ which is often the best time to travel.

The stay will cost less, the weather will still be enjoyable, and you can avoid crowds in popular tourist spots which will make your sight-seeing more enjoyable. You can cut back on flight costs and car-rental charges also.

6. Stay in a Nearby Town or Outside the City Center

Do not worry if you cannot find cheaper options in the city center. You can also stay in the suburbs or in a nearby town. Look for various way of commuting around the area and research the area’s public transportation system well so that you can opt for the cheapest commute.

7. Rooms with ‘Free Cancellation’

If you have opted for a hotel room, book it online in advance but keep track of other deals and offers where you can get cheaper prices, even if it’s at the same hotel. Usually booking online lets you have the leisure of cancelling your booking 24 hours prior to your arrival. Even the pay-on-arrival option offered can allow you to change your booking at the last minute.

8. Food Options

Do keep your surroundings and their amenities in mind when opting for hotels. Make sure you have quick and easy access to local restaurants and cafes.

Nearby cafés and restaurants are often cheaper than room service or the hotel restaurant.

9. Hostels

Hostels can also be a great option for a cheaper stay as the amenities and quality of stay may be basic but is often quite acceptable and is generally increasing each year. The good thing about hostels is that they are usually closer the tourist spots and public transport. Staying in hostels can also help widen your social circle as you meet people from different parts of the globe and stay with them for a period.

10. Spare Rooms

This is the BEST travel tip that you can get on how to save money for long-term travel. Renting a spare room is a great way to cut-back on your costs if you are staying for a month or longer. This will be a fraction of the price of a hotel and you will have facilities like a kitchen, a clothes washing machine and, normally, unlimited wi-fi.

You can look for sparerooms across the UK on https://accommodation.co.uk/spareroom which is a website with an app to help you find rooms and studios.

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