Best Places To Travel Alone In The World


Solo travel…You have waited for this Eat, Pray, Love inspired sojourn but never had the guts, time, destination or space to do it. And now the longing is over. With our irresistible list of the top places to travel alone, you will surely stave off all such excuses.

Traveling alone is downright peaceful. You aren’t bound to that Plus-1 shaking your routine. Plus you go further and faster when you go alone. But not every travel destination is meant for solo travelers. Reasons like safety, accessibility and culture often bound your destination selections.

So here is our list of the best places to travel alone without any hesitations or fears:

Top places to travel alone:

  1. Try Budapest for the perfect solo trip

Budapest is an amazingly vibrant and lively city. From parties to after parties, cultural activities to world history, to good food- Budapest has it all! The walloping Danube divides the place into Buda and Pest.

Begin with the mandatory Buda Castle, followed by a 20 minute hike to the Gellert Hill. This place offers the most imperial and panoramic views of the Danube pearl.

Take a break at Angelika café for some really spectacular views of the city. Their epic sponge cake is sure to make Budapest worth remembering. Then there’s Drum Café if you wish to taste the best authentic Hungarian cuisine. And if you are up for some splurging, try out the flamboyant New York Cafe.

After dusk, head on to the Margit Bridge to capture an eternally sparkling image of Budapest. All the major attractions are dolled up like a bride; their river-reflections constantly moved by the floating ferries.

Late hours call for the Ruin Pubs, mentioned in every guidebook. There’s a reason why Budapest has some of the best bars in Europe. Try out Szimpla Kert,

Anker’t, Doboz and Extra, to name a few.

Budapest is an insanely safe and pocket-friendly city. Connectivity is brilliant here. You can purchase 24-72 hour travel cards which circumscribe all the public transport of the city.


  1. New Zealand for the First Timers

For the amateur solo travelers, nothing beats the Kiwi land. Especially for the extremely outdoorsy and adventurous souls who also don’t mind some self-introspection amidst nature, New Zealand is an affordable and versatile setting. You will come across hundreds of solo travelers, most of which are females. The country tops the list in terms of security and safety. The people are extremely grounded and friendly. They thoroughly rejoice in urban living and have a knack for art and culinary tastes.

For a tropically utopian experience, visit the Bay of Islands for their turquoise coves. If you are into hiking, climb up the Waewaetorea Island for a 360 degree view of the reef.

You must have heard of the Waitomo Glowworm caves, south of Auckland. Try your hands at abseiling and black water rafting here. Then there is an offbeat Hot Water Beach over the Coromandel Peninsula where you can dig your very own spa pool.

The Adrenaline junkies can head on to the North Island to Sky dive in Lake Taupo or mountain bike around Hastings. Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand ought not to be missed! Contrastingly, the South Island is a labyrinth of gorgeous waterfalls, fjords and glaciers. Do not miss the Tranz Alpine Rail Journey that connects Greymouth and Christchurch. If you are up for some splurging, indulge in Heli-hike at Franz Josef and FoX Glacier.

There is a reason why New Zealand was the iconic setting for Lord of the Rings Trilogy.


  1. Explore the stunning landscapes of Reykjavik, Iceland

Whether you are a scenic beauty buff or an adrenaline junkie, Iceland has the world to offer. The country is highly user-friendly and easy to navigate. There’s a reason it has been listed as the most peaceful country in the world for the eighth year in row. The locals are extremely welcoming and warm.

There’s divinity in every corner of this Scandinavian heaven. Reykjavik, the capital city, is mesmerizing with colorful roofs and rangy trees and stands on a bay overlooking Mt. Esja. For a small city, Reykjavik has a lot to offer. Go hitch hiking on a glacier; bathe in a geo-thermal pool or ride an Icelandic horse, there’s something for every type of traveler.

And amidst all the self-introspection, if you feel bored and need company, head on to The Laundromat Cafe to get a closer look at the Icelandic culture. The place is extremely popular among travelers and locals alike.


  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Being the centre point of the West and Middle East has done much justice to this East African archipelago. Unlike the other infamously unsafe African lands, Zanzibar gives you complete space, security and freedom to roam about all by yourself. English may not be the first language here but you can easily locate people who understand it well. The navigation system is downright flawless here.

The place is a concourse of cultures with a predominant Muslim population. Magnificent beaches, crystal blue waters- Zanzibar offers magnificent sites for a perfect holiday. Nicknamed as the ‘Spice Island’, Zanzibar helps you time-travel with its narrow alleyways of the Stone Town.


  1. Bask in the Phillippinian sun in Palawan

If you are a beach person and absolutely love island hopping, go Philippines! Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Simizu Island, Entalula, Pinagbuyutan, Hidden Beach, Helicopter Island, Secret Beach- it’s a ceaseless list!

Palawan is a great destination for honeymooners, but that doesn’t stop it from being a solo traveler’s favorite. The place is high on safety account and has a lot of English speaking population.

Rent yourself a treetop room and bask in the summer sun, under a coconut tree! For snorkelers and divers, there are gorgeous corals to explore. For the hitch hikers, there are many trails to explore the mountains.


Best places to travel alone as a female


  1. Consider a Belize vacation

Belize qualifies to be the most awesome solo travel destination in Central America. The entire city is a party place with hype bars, stunning beaches and natural beauty. Bestrewed with a magnificent barrier reef and rainforest, this whole island is immersed in the beauty if Mayan ruins. Chute of the blue hole and underwater caves offer the most spectacular place for the best diving experience.

Rent a lodge in a lush forest resort and catch a nap under a thatched roof overseeing the ocean.

Language is not a problem for solo travelers and expats here as Belize is primarily an English speaking land. Besides, Belize is way too safe for travelers. The locals are friendly and helpful.


  1. Cycle around Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam may have the dubious distinction with legalized prostitution and drug abuse, but it is surprisingly safe for tourists and locals alike. It is been listed among the top 25 cities of the world by Tripadvisor, on the safety account.

Amsterdam is a one shop stop for all kinds of travelers. There are countless cafés and museums to keep you busy. Explore it on foot, bike or on a boat, this European town takes you back in time over and over. You can purchase I Amsterdam city card and visit the top travel sites effortlessly.

Don’t miss its world-famous Floating Flower Market besides the labyrinthine alleyways and cobbled streets.


  1. Take a dip with the Costa Ricans

Pura Vida, meaning live a rich life. This is the MO of Costa Ricans, one of the nicest people on the planet. And this is exactly what you solo travelers would experience on your Costa Rican visit. There is so much to explore on this archipelago- coffee farms, hot springs, volcanoes! The place is full of golden beaches and stunning countryside.

Do visit the Manuel Antonio National Park, one of the very few natural zoos left on earth. Then there is Waterfall Rappelling Adventure not to be missed! You can try a Sunset Cruise to get to know your fellow solo travelers.

We all are familiar with the Bohemian vibe of Costa Rica. Montezuma, the love of all backpackers offers you the eclectic blend of music and dance, gourmet food joints and artsy outlets.

Costa Rica is all cozied up in the Caribbean vibe. There are plenteous easygoing and inexpensive accommodation options for solo travelers and expats. Language is no problem as Costa Rica is an English speaking country.

Well, now you have enough on your bucket list. This list covers enough from across the globe. For solo travelers, the biggest concern is Safety. And the places mentioned above are compiled keeping the security factor in mind.

So don’t postpone your solo sojourn anymore! You have a whole world to explore! Happy travels!

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