Best Places In The World To Explore By Bicycle As A Tourist

Traveling in different countries is the top wish on the bucket list of many adventurers and explorers, usually coveting one country or destination each year.

Each country has a beauty and culture of its own which is admirable. If you are a tourist and an explorer who wants to reminiscence the beauty and charm of a particular destination, you need to explore it on a bicycle- the most practical way to capture the essence of a place through an appropriate pace along with saving money.

Many countries include a bicycle tour to make your experience enticing. There are a number of benefits for both the local people as well as the tourists. Let us take a look at some of these benefits of bicycling in cities as a tourist which will definitely make you consider it once when you take a trip overseas.

Benefits of Bicycling In Cities as a Tourist

There are many factors which are beneficial when you take up bicycling on a routine schedule as well as during traveling. Many tourist destinations have included bicycle hiring for an impelling experience.


While traveling a country in a train or a car will lead you to spend hundreds of bucks on fuel and rent, bicycle traveling is much cheaper and pocket-friendly.

Some countries provide bicycles on rent according to the number of days and the type of bike required. While you just have to pay the rent, which is quite nominal in a few countries, you also save money on the fuel.


Bicycles need no fuel and hence they emit zero pollution. Being completed environment-friendly and helping to cut out carbon monoxide, bicycle rides are preferable over cars and two wheelers.

They also reduce noise pollution and the chances of lung diseases decrease at a large scale. These are the reasons due to which various countries provide bicycle tours.

Physical and Mental Fitness:

While traveling requires the urge to taste and eat various foreign signature food items, you feel irrelevant to exercise to cut out the calories consumed when on a holiday. Touring a country on the hired bicycle can help you retain the physical fitness as well as the mental one.

Riding a bicycle helps you to exercise and eventually secrete happy hormones such as endorphins. They make you feel good and help you cut down anxiety and depression. So ultimately, bicycle riding is beneficial for both, your physical as well as mental health.

Easy and Convenient:

Traveling on a bicycle is so easy. You can easily find a parking spot when visiting several places in a day in a particular country and hop on the back when you want to leave.

It is a convenient mode of transport because even if it requires repair, you can easily walk it back with you or take it up on a train, which is not possible if you travel in a car. While eight bicycles can be parked in the space of one car, it is also safer as compared to two or four wheelers.

An Exhilarating Experience:

While grocery and window shopping can be done easily on a bicycle, you can just take it out and ride to explore the countryside on a sunny day. Visit small yet beautiful shops aside the pathways with easy parking, feed the ducks in the pond, or just attach a small basket to your bike and buy the grocery items with much ease.

You can travel and explore the unseen locations on a bicycle which you would be unable to in a car or on a train. Just take your bicycle out and buy a few souvenirs along your way.

These are just a few benefits which are associated with bicycling touring. You can explore more when you get down experiencing it yourself.

best cities to bicycle in

Awesome Places To Explore By Bicycle

While many countries have engaged with the benefiting bicycle tourism, others are planning and coming up with simple yet efficient strategies to make the venture a successful one.

All the countries have a similar yet different bicycle tour plan depending on the location and types of tourists visiting each year. Let us have a look at some of these exciting countries which have bicycle tourism as an integral part of their travel experience.


Europe is one of the most beautiful destinations of the world and exploring it on a bicycle adds the cherry on the icing. The landscapes are simply exotic and scenic.

The guided bike tour helps you visit the integral and internal countryside locations which are not accessible through the trains. You can also rest on the colorful carpet of fresh flowers when tired, keeping your bike aside safe and sound.

The bike tours in Europe also include mountain treks which are to be reached to by the bicycles. Along with the breathtaking scenery, the architecture in Europe is marvelous too. Take your bike and discover the amazing artwork designed into buildings and architecture.

Chilling out on a relaxing hammock is awesome, and so is Europe!

The United States of America:

Tourism is a large industry in The United States of America and the scale rises with the included bicycle tour. The United States has beautiful locations which include the best coastlines in the world.

Bicycle tours are conducted along the coastlines such as the Pacific Coast Highway. The amazing oceanic views and the enthralling redwood trees are some of the most capturing scenes on the way.

When these are combined with the slow pace of a bicycle, the experience becomes much more enticing. The organizers also provide you with a map and other facilities to let your solitary bicycle tour experience enjoyable and convenient.


Japan is a country that has got a lot of heritage and culture comparatively very different from other countries of the world. The temples and food of Japan are signature symbols that represent the county.

With a delightful weather and cooperative tourism organizations, bicycle tourism in Japan is a delightful experience. Do not forget to hop in a shop to taste the wonderful sushi while you visit the beautiful temples.


Another destination with scenic landscape and beautiful mountains is Chile. The unpaved roads provide a much adrenaline effect of experiencing the mountains and soft scapes.

Carry a tent along and camp alongside the beautiful flowing river. The best time to enjoy the experience is during summer time. That is the time when flowers bloom and form a colorful carpet to add to the beautiful scenery.

The Silk Route, Asia:

How about biking through one of the longest routes in the world? Exciting, isn’t it? If you are one of those explorers and tourists who love long adventures, bicycling through The Silk Route is one of the most exciting experiences.

It covers many beautiful locations, beginning with Turkey and Iran. You will also cross the cities of Bukhara and Samarkhand. The long route covers tall mountains, landscape, and water bodies. Get ready to do a lot of bicycling adventure.


Malaysia is located in the Southeast part of the Asian continent. Malaysia is an affordable and a beautiful destination to visit. Along with cheap hotels and delicious food, it also has beautiful scenery to watch.

The most popular is the Cameron Highlands tea growing area. The green silky scape molded with contours is a relaxing and breathtaking sight. Imagine bicycling alongside the mountain edge with the freshest air to breathe.

I really want to fly away this very moment. Malaysia also has some other beautiful locations which can be visited and explored on a bicycle.


Ireland conducts various cycling safaris to visit and explore the beautiful and mesmerizing nature that beholds the destination.

Cycling alongside the river and viewing the tall green mountains in the front at a slow pace is an experience you want definitely want to have.

These tours are conducted in the remote and countryside areas which comprises the actual and true beauty of Ireland. With provided accommodation and bicycles to tour, you have no reason to not visit this scenic destination on a bicycle.


Beaches and coastlines are the tourist spots in Australia. The clear and sparkling blue water that resides alongside the granite mountains are a must watch sight.

Touring the whole coastline on a bicycle just adds to the experience. You can also rest in the middle of the route to taste Australia’s delicious sea food. You can also visit some coastal fishing towns in the middle of the route to learn about Australia’s coastlines and fishing experience.

Bicycling tourism is one of the most amazing and affordable ventures started by various countries to let tourists experience the true beauty of their respective cultures and nature.

It also has a lot of benefits for both, the tourism department and the tourists. The beneficial prospect is being taken into a serious account for more and more countries and hence, it will be beneficial to the overall human kind in various ways.

Apart from being offered openly, tourists are themselves suggesting to make bicycle tours official in all countries.

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