7 Best Places To Visit in Canada

Canada has been named one of the most livable countries in the world. The country is not lacking in natural beauty. It has numerous mountains, glaciers, secluded lakes, forests, not to mention its cosmopolitan cities and towns. Are you planning a visit to Canada? Check out some cheap deals on Dealchecker to help you save on your trip. Wondering which places to visit in this beautiful country? Below are six must-see places in Canada.


Paris has been named the prettiest little town in Canada. It hosts several waterfalls and historic buildings. Among the top places to visit is the raft of the Grand River. The river has stretches of fast and slow currents where you can enjoy kayaking and rafting. Some of its best sites and landmarks are the Elbeta Farms County Market where you will enjoy plenty of fresh local farm produce. There is also the Paris Plains Church, St. Paul’s United Church, and the Wayne Gretzky Sports Center.


Florence is home to exceptional art from famous artists, the likes of Donatello and Leonardo da Vinci. The best time to visit this city is from March to June or September to October during the warm climate. The most outstanding landmark in Florence is the Duomo Cathedral which is also the tallest and the largest brick dome in the universe. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the Giomo Tower, another exquisite landmark while on top of the Duomo Cathedral.


London has dozens of tourist spots and plenty of things to do. You have got to visit the St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica, one of the best architectural gems in the city. The cathedral has a huge dome, intricate interiors, and beautiful statues for you to enjoy. You can also visit its largest park, the Springbank Park for nature seeing, hiking, biking, and to have fun in the amusement parks.


There is plenty to explore in Rome. Archeological sites, museums, churches, and so forth. You cannot miss the adventure of walking through the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum. You also have to visit the Colosseum—the most recognized symbol of Rome. The place has a bloody history and was once an amphitheater and a quarry.


Barcelona is popular for its museums, architecture, art galleries, and more. If you love a walk, do it on the historic walk areas of Barri de La Ribera and L’ Eixample District. Among its most visited architectural arts is the stunning Basilica of the Sagrada Familia which will exceed your expectations.


Prague has some of the best architectural landmarks, beginning from the famous Old Town Square. Here, you will enjoy the historical attraction, the Old Town Hall, where you can catch a good view of the city. If you are a newcomer in the town, you have to visit Charles Bridge to see the line-up of 30 historical statues on the bridge. Another must-see site is the Prague Castle, the largest castle complex in the globe.

Which of these cities would you go to on your visit to Canada?

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