15 Best Airplane Snacks To Bring On Flights


Most of you reading this article would be thinking, “Are we even allowed to bring snacks on a plane?". Well, of course you are. You may not be able to carry your favorite soda, or coconut water past the security check, but a number of solid foods are a fair game to play.

Things like chips, sandwiches, protein bars, salads, fruits, etc., are some of the many things that can accompany you while on board.

Whether you are just a foodie who needs to snack every couple of hours, a backpacker trying to see the world in a fixed budget, a parent carrying options for your little buds, or simply watching your diet with strict dietary plans, you need to carry something filling and healthy to munch.

So here is a list of the best airplane snacks that can easily be carried on a plane. This article enlists snack options for varied dietary needs and preferences.

15 Good Airplane Snacks For Any Flight

1. Fresh Fruits

Nothing beats fresh fruits as a healthy snack while traveling. Fruits are a potent source of fiber and nutrients, and are easy to carry as well.

Go for firm fruits with a better shelf life, so they don’t get smashed under burden. Bananas are a great option with a lot of potassium and a good flavor, plus they are way too filling. The only drawback with them is their fragility. Other than that, apples, oranges, grapes, berries, cut melon etc., are some of the many options in this category.

2. Vegetables

Raw and thoroughly washed veggies are equally good as fruits. Again, rich in nutrition, they are a great snack in both raw and prepared form.

Some vegetables are more portable than others. Carrots and celery are a great option to pack as a flight snack. Besides, cauliflower florets, cucumber, baby broccoli are great options too, if eaten with a pinch of salt over them.

3. Nuts

Another of my personal favorites. Nuts are high-protein food that serve as a great snack while traveling. You can simply pack them raw, or do some experimentation with your cooking skills. Make caramel or chocolate almonds, salted cashew nuts, mixed nuts salad or such other yummy alternates.

4. Granola Bars

These baked bars are a perfect companion for your voyage. They are crispy, they are sweet, and they work great with your digestion process. Prepared with oats, nuts, honey and other sweeteners like brown sugar, you can easily prepare them at home or buy the ready to use version fro any nearby store.

Granola bars have ingredients that work as energy boosters. So you may feel stuffed for a good length of time after having them.

5. Protein Powder

I highly recommend taking any decent brand of Protein Powder with you on board. You can easily avail water on the flight. Just mix the powder and drink all the protein in. This light weighed whole food takes minimal space in your luggage.

6. Popcorn

This one is probably the easiest to prepare and yummiest to munch. Just spare two minutes before you head out for the airport and prepare popcorn. Some might call it a light snack since it is easily chewable, but popcorn is quite filling, besides being truly irresistible.

Plus, it’s not one of those unhealthy snacks that may tempt your taste buds but harm your digestion.

7. Pretzels

Another favorite among snackers, Pretzels are the best low fat snack that are high in iron, folate, zinc and potassium. They are crunchy, highly portable, and won’t worry your stomach if you have too many of them.

You can have them bare, or try some low fat cheese to add more taste and less calories. You can even try them with fruits like apple or pear to add more fiber. If not so much of a calorie-carer, carry hummus for the best combination.

Just make sure you carry them in a solid container so they don’t get smashed in your luggage.

8. Dry Cakes

Thick cakes don’t expire quickly, and work better than the English muffins. I personally like them because they hardly require any add-on. Although you can layer them with thick cheese or almond butter if you want a varied taste.

Dry Cakes are available in a lot flavors like banana, vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.

The above mentioned snacks work great with the kids. Besides these ready to eat snacks, you can even prepare some recipes for your flight. Especially if you are traveling long distance and you are really, really hungry, these snacks may not be completely satisfying.

Vegetarian Snacks

10. Muffins

This one’s my favorite, since I have a sweet tooth. You can buy fruit muffins containing blueberry, raspberry or any fruit of your choice. Muffins are filling and easy to pack. And the best part, they have a good shelf life. So if you are going away from home, you can survive on the left-over muffins for a meal or two.

11. Chickpea Salad

This everyday snack works as flight food too. Easy to prepare and pack, you can make one with any ingredient available in the kitchen. Finely chopped cucumber, broccoli, bell peppers go well with chickpea. You can even toss in some feta if you are a cheese lover. You can even spread it in a pita bread if eating it raw seems difficult. Also, if you are allergic to gluten, you can stave off the gluten ingredients and just prepare a suitable salad.

Non Vegetarian Snacks

12. Beef Jerky

Well, most of you would make a face at this name, but Beef Jerky serves as a highly potent snack while on board. Especially if you are traveling long distance, you can have it and stay sated for hours. It’s fairly high in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Beef Jerky can be prepared at home using a Food Dehydrator. But if you want to avoid the hassle, just buy a packet from the grocery store. Prefer taking lean meat jerky, it’s low in fat.

13. Chicken Sandwich

OK, this one may not be as easy-to-make as the rest of the snacks. But it’s totally gratifying in the end. Everyone had his own recipe of preparing a Chicken Sandwich. Just make sure you don’t any smelly ingredients in it, like onions or garlic. You might end up hearing curses from your neighbors in the plane. Pick pieces of cucumber, lettuce, carrots, etc., with minimal sauces. You don’t want to ruin your bag with the spillage.

14. Grilled Chicken

Mouthwatering, I know! Grilled chicken is dry, delicious and totally filling. You can easily pack in a sealed sheet and carry it along. Of course you have to let go the gravy part, since that won’t get past the security check.

15. Wraps

I love this option. You can pour in any solid ingredient and prepare a delicious and filling wrap. Cured meat and hard cheeses have a great shelf and taste amazing even at room temperature. You can add apple, cucumber, iceberg lettuce or carrot for some crunch and value.


good airplane snacks to bring on your flights.


Tips for Packing Snacks

Tupperwares are the best, no doubt about it. But you don’t want to be lugging around with empty boxes that can’t even be thrown away. Besides, it’s time to go green. There are a few options that can drive down your snack burden.

  • »Collapsible Tupperware stores flat when you are done with your snack. You can throw it away or save it for re-use, since it doesn’t take too much space. These boxes can be purchased here.
  • »Reusable Snack Bags are a great alternate for space-consuming tupperwares. You can purchase them from Amazon for a fair price. They are even smaller than the collapsible tupperware.
  • »A Camping Spork is a great tool that serves as both spoon and fork. So instead of carrying plastic spoons and forks, or requesting the airport authorities to lend you some, you can purchase these from Amazon.

Now that you are aware of what to take, here are a few pointers to guide you better with preparing snacks for your travel.

  • »Needless to mention, Liquids are a big no. Stow your craving for puddings, yogurt and such other items till you land.
  • »Prefer carrying hydrating foods like watermelon, cucumber, etc. That way, you could keep yourself hydrated without any liquid items.
  • »Smelly food items are a big no. Fish, especially, will fetch you a lot of head-turns.
  • »Even noisy food like pistachios should be avoided. You don’t want everyone to know you are hungry.
  • »Pack snacks that don’t require refrigeration and remain fresh at room temperature.

You can get all the information about packing food as per the TSA regulations here.

Regardless, I always bring my own airplane snacks. I mean, those pretzel packages they give you are so small how is it gonna satisfy me!!

Do you have any other good airplane snack ideas? Let me know!

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