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Rental Home Tips: How To Rent A Home Cheaply

Looking for an apartment flat or an independent house on rent? Yes! Then, disfiguring the sole of your shoes-roaming here and there with a local house agent will not do your job. Every tenant wants his house to be good and cheap on rent. However, this type of package is hard to find, and even […]

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16 Things To Do In Gozo Island

From the moment the ferry approaches the island of Gozo, and docks at the quaint harbour of Mġarr, you will ask yourself what are the best places to visit on the island, and what should one not miss on this island. Well here are 16 things….. 16 Fun Things To Do In Gozo Malta Enjoy […]

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23 Fun Things To Do In Seattle Today (Best Seattle Things To Do)

Rainy Seattle is not the first city to come to mind when most are looking for a vacation destination, but for millennials it’s a paradise of counter culture and world-class coffee. Seattle is consistently rated as one of the most livable cities in America and easily one of my favorite cities. The colorful personalities and […]

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Travel Money Tips: How To Keep Money Safe While Traveling

When travelling, whether you pack light or heavy there is one thing you must have; some (a lot!) money. The truth is, we travel with a lot of luggage; cloths, camping gear, electronics among others but money is hands down the most valuable, and if you can argue with that you don’t have a good […]

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Best Palawan Activities: Things To Do In Palawan

Traveling comes with a lot of perks. You get to meet different people, learn their culture and traditions. You get to do some sightseeing; from a high-rise tower in Dubai, at the top of a canyon in the US, on the African savannah with wildlife, or just at sea level, basking on a beach in […]

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18 Fun Things To Do In Boston This Weekend Or Today

Boston may be a small city, with a population of just over 600,000, but it is the largest in New England. What to do in Boston? You may ask. Although “Beantown” is home to destinations seen in other popular urban vacation spots around the United States, the city’s special place in history has packed it […]

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13 Fun Things To Do In Tokyo Japan (Tokyo Points Of Interests)

Tokyo is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to visiting Japan! This bustling city is filled with endless places to go and things to do. From the food to the sushi knife, and to the attractions to the parks, shrines, temples, spas, culture, arts, and more, Tokyo is the city that never […]

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Best Places In The World To Explore By Bicycle As A Tourist

Traveling in different countries is the top wish on the bucket list of many adventurers and explorers, usually coveting one country or destination each year. Each country has a beauty and culture of its own which is admirable. If you are a tourist and an explorer who wants to reminiscence the beauty and charm of […]

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How To Rent A Car In Europe: Car Rental Tips For Europe

No matter how efficient Europe’s public transport is, renting a car to hit the road is simply magical. Exploring Europe by road is said to make the expedition more worthwhile and memorable. You can unravel the less explored countryside Europe, which is almost impossible with a tour package or by Euro Rail. Take, for instance, […]

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Montreal Trip Tips: How To Plan A Trip To Montreal Canada

Montreal is a diverse and prosperous island city that favors elegance and style. It is a place where traditional and modern aspects of the world collide on everyday basis. It resembles Vienna in many ways and is a vibrant and glorious place for your next vacation. Montreal always had an edge filled with great music, […]

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