13 Best Anniversary Trip Ideas (Vacation Ideas For Couples)


Anniversary is the most cherished and awaited day of the year for all the happily married couples. Naturally, it calls for a grand celebration. And with the world having so much to offer and unearth, it may get really tricky to decide where to take your spouse. Most people opt for chilling out at the sun-kissed beaches, while others love to stroll in the bustling cities hand-in-hand with their love. You may want peace and quite, or hope to party like crazy with your partner.

From 10 year anniversary trips to just your first year anniversary, there is no wrong time to take a anniversary vacation.

There are a large number of places across the globe that have proven to be the perfect getaway for anniversary couples. Depending upon your travel style, goals and budget, here is a list of amazing cities for your anniversary:

  1. Bruges, Belgium

This place is as enchanting as any first rate fairytale. So for the ultimate dreamers, Bruges is heaven! Open squares, whimsical horses and ancient architecture, Bruges has romance in every nook and corner.

Rent a bicycle and explore the panoramic canals and cobblestone streets of this gorgeously preserved medieval town of Europe. Whether you two are a foodie or love to drink like fish, this Belgian town is just the place to be!

You can dig in deeper about this place here.

  1. Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

With the stunning Northern lights igniting the romance, this Swedish villageis popular for its legendary Icehotel. This hotel gets constructed every season and qualifies this small town to be the most unconventional romantic place for people ready to snuggle up and get cozy.

So if you two are so not the dainty kinds, Jukkasjarvi is waiting for you this anniversary! You can know this land inside out here.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With Christ the Redeemer standing atop, Rio has the most bold and beautiful beaches. Rio hosts one of the most sensuous festivals in the world- Carnaval. Romantic would be an understatement for Rio, it’s downright steamy.

So if you two love to party while also enjoy long walks along the beach, Rio can be the ultimate pick. Other than the lively beaches and zippy music, there are many touristy spots to explore too. Check out the Sugar Loaf Mountain, the suburbs of Costa Verde and the green Parque Lage.

Highly recommended for the ones who are still in the early years of their wedlock.

  1. Venice, Italy

Venice never ceases to fascinate the true art and history lovers, who dream of loving like a legend. With gondoliers romanticizing the atmosphere with their deeply innerving singing, Venice reminds you of ancient paintings and English literature. Even the ones who have never set foot on this land can picture the building fringing near the waters.

Considered one of the most lovey-dovey honeymoon destinations, it’s equally amazing for the late bloomers, who somehow couldn’t make it right after their wedding bells.

Check out this site to know the zest of this city.

  1. The Greek Archipelago

Be it the sensational beaches, idyllic sunset, the local food or the bustling waterside taverns, Greek territory overflows with romance and love. The serene white-stone architecture and the spectacular valleys of the Cyclades are a perfect place to romance.

Go beyond Santorini and Mykonos to peep into the ancient history in Athens. Also, if you are not too fond of over-crowded spots, towns like Corfu, Kos and Samos prove to be as perfect as the more popular Santorini.

A lot of people drop this idea for an anniversary vacation for the hole it can leave in your pockets. Well, don’t worry. This website can help you plan your budget in the most efficient manner, so you can make the most of your trip, while not worrying about the expenses.

  1. Kauai, Hawaii

People who have visited this island call it truly magical. The beautiful shores and historic countryside of Hawaii idealize this place with rich culture and heritage. The famous Hawaiian dance is another delight to see with your beloved. Do not miss out their epic Kona Coffee if you are a caffeine buff.

Hawaii is an exorbitant vacation. So if you are ready to binge out a few bucks, Hawaii is up for grabs! There is a sexy convertible waiting to be rented, not to mention the magical Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tour to get a bird’s eye view of the island.

I recommend this website for its resourceful collection of blogs on this island.

  1. Paris, France

Some may call Paris cliché for romance, but that doesn’t alter its charm. A romantic stroll deep in the streets of Paris are a perfect way to ignite your feelings. A cozy candlelight dinner at a scarcely populated bistro after exploring the gorgeous architecture of the City of Lights, you may want to settle in here for all your life.

Paris is seductive with all its heart and soul. The jaw-dropping art and architecture, food and wine, the lazy afternoons at a open cafe, and of course, the Eiffel Tower- everything makes it a perfect getaway for your anniversary.

  1. Maldives

Considered one of the most romantic archipelagos on earth, Maldives offers an extravagantly romantic holiday for you and your partner. Bask in the private beaches and lose yourself in the moment.

Maldives is full of super luxury resorts, ready to serve you with the most romantic experience you can dream of. The white sands and clear blue waters are perfect to soak your feet and savor the feel with your spouse.

You can get a glimpse of 90 Maldives resorts on one page and you can research further for the one you like. Otherwise it may difficult to check one by one individually as there are over 130 resorts in the country of which most are very similar to one another. There are ultra-luxury resorts that cost a fortune as well as five star resorts that are not so expensive. The four star resorts are affordable for most of the people who just to make their anniversary amazing special.

  1. Seychelles, East Africa

Imagine yourself stretching out in the silica white sands at the beach, holding your spouse’s hands, and turquoise waters kissing your feet….Wow!

Seychelles is undoubtedly the most sought after destination for newlyweds and later-stage partners alike. With close proximity with nature, Seychelles has the most pristine beaches and tranquil forests to explore. All in all a deeply calm ecosystem.

So if your finances are strong enough to handle Seychelles, get set to spend a dreamy vacation here on your anniversary. You can get the basic details about this country here.


best anniversary trips and vacation trip ideas for couples.


  1. New Zealand

Aptly said, everyday is a different journey in New Zealand. Whether you wish to sit by the lakeside lost in each others’ eyes, embrace your love on alpine mountains, or check your guts doing Bunjee and Sky diving, New Zealand is the place you need to be.

The stunning beaches and gorgeous vineyards are more than enough to intoxicate you. Take a chopper tour with your wife to have a bird’s eye view of this place.

But mostly, if you and your spouse are the true adrenaline junkies, hit the ground this anniversary! New Zealand offers unequaled adventures to give you the experience of a lifetime.

  1. Thailand

The party animals who were lucky enough to elope someone equally outgoing as you, Thailand is calling!

Take any island or mainland of this country, you will be thrilled with the crazy nightlife around. Visit the white sand beaches to enjoy the sunrise, and set your sun in hundreds of pubs and clubs. Indulge in the Bangla Street of Phuket and dance your heart out at the Full Moon parties of Koh Samui. Thailand is haven for the party freaks.

And yes, do not miss the legendary Tiger Temple to push your and your spouse’s guts a bit further. For the ladies, Bangkok is the ultimate destination for street shopping.

  1. Lakshadweep, India

Many big hotel brands have now set their foot on this tranquil island. You can book a ticket from Delhi to Kochi, India, to get to the island.

Lakshadweep, India has recently opened up for tourists. That’s what makes it more beautiful and unparalleled. Silence is indeed golden here. Rarely does any island offer live sea shells flopping in the sands. With abundant marine life and untouched corals, everything is beautiful about Lakshadweep, from waters to land.

So if you are looking for some peace and tranquility, visit Lakshadweep. It may not be as commercial and developed as other islands, but that doesn’t alter its charm at all.

  1. Bora Bora, USA

Bora Bora is a signature place for love and romance. This gorgeous island lying in the French Polynesia has a whole package to offer, from breathtaking beaches to lush green mountains. Swim in with sharks in the crystal clear waters.

This island retreat is all about private over-water bungalows and fancy cruises. A perfect place to splurge on your love! Make sure you carry the most summery clothing with you, since it’s hot as hell!

This website gives you a perfect insight into Bora Bora from a romantic traveler’s point of view.

We are sure you and your love will have a gala time in these places. So get ready to tick these spots one by one every year. The world is waiting for you!

Don’t wait until next year to take an anniversary trip! There’s always next year is a lie! Make your trip happen now!

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