Pet Airlines: 13 Safest Airline Pet Carriers To Travel With Your Pets

Looking for a good pet airline to take a vacation with your animal? You’ll want to find out what the best airline pet carriers are.

In airline travel, there is numerous Airline which claims that they are “pet-friendly." But still, a question always arises, are they really pet-safe?

If an airline allows pets on your flight that doesn’t mean they know how to treat them right, there was an incident which occurs in 2018 when a dog suffocated to death on a flight from Houston to New York. It occurs because an airline air hostess stuffed him in the overhead bin.

Such scenarios raise a doubt that leaving your pup, four-legged child behind isn’t an alternative. So it’s necessary to do proper analysis and a preferred airline that will treat them well.

Here I have done little research to find out the safest airlines for our furry friends (100% paw-endorsed). So you can feel great visiting the majority of the dog-accommodating cities around the world!

  • »American Airlines

American is +73% more secure than other whole deal airlines, making it the most secure whole deal airline around for pets.

Just like other airlines, American airlines pet policy also allow small dogs (under 20 lbs) in the cabin at the expense of $125/flight and $175 charges for a pet kennel.

Even Americans are “really dog-friendly,” which means they don’t have any pet hotel estimate prerequisites for checked dogs.

But you need to be aware, allowed pets are no longer travel to Las Vegas, Tucson, Palm Springs or Phoenix. Also, you cannot travel through or from these states with your pet

  • »WestJet Airlines

WestJet airline is usually chosen by dog lovers to travel all over Canada with their dogs, with no issues.

If you are traveling with at least one major dogs, WestJet is undoubtedly the most reasonable with a $75-$85 expenses to check a pet hotel (as much as 100 pounds, including your puppy), which is not exactly a few airlines charge to carry on a little pack.

Furthermore, the expense of an in-lodge transporter is significantly less expensive at $50 to $59 per flight.

  • »Mesa Airlines

As per the pet security rankings, Mesa Airlines is rank third in the list. It is 42% more secure for pets than the normal airline, which isn’t excessively decrepit.

Mesa Airlines is located in Arizona, Phoenix, and they also provide area service to American Airlines.

It runs under the United Express brand, and for American, it runs under the American Eagle emblem.

Truly, most of the regional flights are pretty safe. But in an average, it’s 193% more dangerous to fly with your pet on a long-distance airline route.

  • »Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines is glad to enable you to go with your cat, dog, or bunny, to various goals over the globe.

You can take two pets in the same Kennel without paying extra charges , the big size dogs can be tucked with complete comfort in the flight cargo.

By paying the initial cost of €55, you can carry your pet to anywhere without compromising the wellbeing or solace. You can get more details about the Lufthansa policy related to the pet travel from here.

  • »Air Canada

Air Canada provides the flight facility to urban areas all around the globe from Paris to Beijing. The flight services are available for almost all the major cities across the world and when it comes to the pets, Air Canada flights are very accommodating.

You can easily carry your pet along with you in Air Canada flights, all you have to do is, to reach the airport half an hour early before the flight. If you have taken care of pet carrier , you can take them with you in the cabin.

And, bigger dogs are welcome in cargo, to keep them comfortable and safe throughout the flight.

Costs of flight ranges from $50 to $118, thus the charges are very budget friendly. .

If you want to read more about Air Canada pet policies travel you can read here.

  • »Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines may not permit pets in the lodge, be that as it may, they put extraordinary consideration into ensuring your pet has a pleasant ride down beneath in payload.

Pets are kept in the proper air conditioned rooms and securely verified in the cargo hold. The pets are directly conveyed to you by the flight operator.

You should show up somewhat prior for your flight, at around 120 minutes ahead of time with the important desk work — further your Peruse progressively about flying with animals and the Japan Airlines approach in detail here.

Even, you can read here about Japan Airline policy regarding pet travel.

  • »JetBlue Airlines

In JetBlue, there is a special program for pet-travel known as JetPaws, that allows passengers to travel with their pets. So I believe it is safe to say that they love dogs.

In the JetBlue, pet charges for travelers with pets is $100/flight, and in return, they earn 300 TrueBlue points on every leg of the trip.

You can also browse Petiquette tips, that helps you understand the basic safety measures with a JetBlue carrier, designed for in-cabin with safe puppy travel.

  • »Delta

Delta has flight services for more than 60 destinations across the world. . So flying with Delta will take you and your pet on a long way.

In case, you’re flying domestically then small birds are allowed in the cabin.

Just like the many other pet friendly flights, Delta allows you to travel along with your pet whereas for the big dogs, they provide complete arrangement to travel in cargo with complete comfort and security.

Traveling with your pet in Delta airline will charge you from $75 to $200, also depends on final destination.

So you can analyze that it is not hard on your wallet. If you want to know more about Delta policy related to pet travel, you can read here.

  • »SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines is 40% more secure than your normal airline as per your pet wellbeing, so it’s unquestionably an airline you ought to think about when arranging an outing trip with your furry companion.

In the SkyWest Airline, your pet carrier must fit under your seat in the cabin, and for pets that marked as luggage, big pet carrier estimate accepts booking of one bigger pet carrier or two little or medium for every flight.

  • »Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air has done of the best thing, and they offer a BOGO bargain: You can travel with two dogs at the cost of one, only if they both fit into the same carrier.

Far superior, at $100 space took into account bearers is twice as massive as that which JetBlue offers.

Remember, while Allegiant Air pet arrangement takes into consideration in-carrier pet travel, they don’t offer checked things or load alternative.

Service animals and enthusiastic help animals are barred from the standard pet arrangement, which can enable you to get a good deal on airline charges.

  • »Air France

Air France permits pets locally available both universal and household goals. Along these lines, if a European visit is on your container list, this airline can help.

They expect you to use affirmed apartments for pets and also suggest to use adaptable stacks instead of plastic one.

They do expect you to go with an affirmed pet compartment and suggest the use of an adaptable sack rather than a plastic one.

For wellbeing reasons, boxes are not acknowledged in the lodge but rather are permitted in the hold (in the load territory).

Costs ranges from €30 to €200, depending upon the destination. Even, you can read more about Air France policy regarding pet travel.

  • »Alaska Airlines

As per the details, Horizon/Alaska Airlines was the #1 most secure in the global airline (+49% more secure than usual) for pets.

Whatever they’re doing, it’s indeed working.

Also, Alaska airlines have flown plenty of animals (260,703) over the most recent two years, and they have done it securely and reliably.

Also, if you check your dog in a pet kennel, an airline flight attendant provide a card to you once your dog has securely brought on the plane so that you won’t worry.

The Airline will charge a level fee to take your pet or to check, and it’s pretty nice for travelers with a bigger dog.

  • »Swiss International Airlines

Swiss International Airlines is glad to share that “you can take your pet with you on any traveling route.”

Travelers can travel with two pets, only when they are in a verified transport container and are not unfit or dangerous for travel.

It is interesting that rabbits and hares are also allowed on Swiss airlines as long as they are in the hold.

So no matter whether you are traveling with a pup or a bunny, with Swiss airlines your good to go! If you have more queries regarding pet travel, you can read the Swiss Airlines policy here.

Final Remarks on airline pet carriers

Having a pet is a great responsibility, and traveling with pets is a much bigger responsibility.

Sometimes, it might be stressful to travel with your pet especially if your travelling for the first time. No need to get stressed or confused, above shown airlines are one of the safest airlines for your pet.

Even these days, the airline industry trying to bring flexibility in pet air travel. So, your travel experience with your pet will be stress-free and enjoyable. For the future, if you want to book a flight for your furry friend. I’ll suggest you do proper research.

So, go and enjoy your trip with your furry friend!!

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