They say dress for the job you want. Well, I blog for the life I want.

Hey you!

My name is Jack Johnson and I am the proud owner of protravelblog.com.

I eat too many french fries and tend to over pack a lot. Other than my two imperfections (lol ya right), I’m just a Canadian boy who’s got a sick obsession with experiencing new things – good or bad.

Traveling to 20+ countries over an 8 year span has taught me many important things, of which the most important is this:

Just help others.

Because making a difference is the biggest gift you can give.

I started this blog to help people travel smarter. I’m the guy who my friends always come to for advice, tips, tricks, etc.


Because I’m lazy.

And the wonderful thing about lazy people is that they are the best at finding the EASIEST way to do anything.

That’s what’ I’m great at. Finding easy ways around difficult things.

So since I’m so good at this stuff, why not start a blog to help people like you get cheaper flights, cut down the stress of travel planning, and pick the right travel gear?

That’s what this blog is all about.

Pro Travel Blog is dedicated on delivering the best travel advice (you know, stuff you’ll actually use).

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