Escape To A 5-Star Resort And Let Beach Magic Rejuvenate Your Soul

Dreaming of an escape to paradise? Tall palm trees, white sand beaches, sparkling blue water, quaint local shops and restaurants loaded with charm. Is this the image you always have in your head especially during stressful moments? Maybe it’s time to give in to the vision and let your feet lead you to such place of healing.

Beach escapes are plentiful – you have an incredibly wide selection to choose from. You can keep your sights on local destinations if you don’t have the luxury of time to travel abroad. There will definitely be one that will meet your specific requirements. However, if you can afford to be away for longer, and you’re ready to invest in a soul-rejuvenating experience, you should definitely consider overseas destinations.

Pick Your Beach Escape

Finding a great beach resort overseas is easy. There are five-star chains that have accommodation in stunning locations. JA Resorts & Hotels is a good example – they are ready to cater to whatever brand of relaxation and healing their guests want. Whether it is a quiet massage session at a spa or a completely private setting to bask in the sun.

A day of solitude can properly put you in slow-down mode. However, after this, your soul will likely feel open to new connections and experiences. Don’t you worry because most beach resorts are ready to work their magic to ensure a good time. So, what do most 5-star beach resorts offer?

1. Fitness classes

Everything from yoga to paddle boarding to surfing is usually offered. Just inform the concierge about your desire to workout and you’ll be presented a collection of options.

Working out – especially where it matters because less clothing is the norm – can do wonders for your mood and overall well-being.

2. Romantic fine dining

You don’t need to be with anybody for this because local beach restaurants offer a great view of the seascape, as well as, glorious sunrises and romantic sunsets.

There are even some that are right on the water. You are not only treated to fresh sea air that’s known to stimulate the appetite, but you also get that lullabye-like sound of the waves.

3. Underwater excursions

These come in so many types and forms. Some resorts that have special boats that provide a view of the underwater world, and there are also diving groups that take guests out to sea for some snorkeling and scuba diving.

Witnessing the beauty and order of the water world is always a life-changing experience. Therefore, an underwater excursion is something to consider as a new experience to enrich your body, mind, and soul.

4. Lessons on local history and art

Most resorts take pride in their location and share with their guests the local components that make their chosen location an absolute winner. Exposure to local history and art are offered of course by the resorts and all you have to do is book the activity online or express your interest to the concierge.

5. Casual Socialization

There are events designed for socialization but none of these force guests to do anything they don’t want to. The vibe of these social events is laidback. You get to be with other guests, you can exchange “niceties" over generous samples of light dishes, tasty poolside treats, and refreshing beverages.

Establishing new connections is easy. You may actually develop friendships that will make the rest of your getaway even more satisfying and enriching.

You don’t need to limit yourself to the offerings of the resort. Ask resort employees for their recommendations on things to do and you’ll be surprised at the even bigger variety of activities that you can try to make your beach escape as enjoyable as it can possibly be.

Or, go exploring on your own. A walk to town will have you discovering so much more about the area. You may also meet locals who’d be more than happy to open their homes to you for meals. You’re likely to gain more new friends who feel like family that your future plans for escape will include coming back for a reunion.


David Thomson is the Chief Operating Officer of JA Resorts & Hotels. He enjoys the challenge of working in an industry that is constantly changing and reinventing itself, and where better to be based than in the fast-paced environment of Dubai, which continues to lead the global hospitality sector in development, innovation, and product enhancements.

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