16 Things To Do In Gozo Island

From the moment the ferry approaches the island of Gozo, and docks at the quaint harbour of Mġarr, you will ask yourself what are the best places to visit on the island, and what should one not miss on this island.

Well here are 16 things…..

16 Fun Things To Do In Gozo Malta

Enjoy the sea, work on your tan and enjoy a picnic

Gozo is an island with many rocky coves and sandy beaches. Each has its own allure. The sandy beaches like that of Ramla l-Ħamra, Ħondoq ir-Rummien and Marsalforn’s inner bay are great for families with little children. Others like the rocky shores of Xlendi and Mġarr ix-Xini are a favourite with the youngsters. Secluded coves like that Wied il-Għasri have their appeal too. Maybe the best thing about Gozo is that you can visit even three beaches in a day and enjoy the sea, work on your tan and have a picnic or dine by the sea at one of the restaurants or food kiosks.

Stroll along the saltpans

On the northern shores of Gozo, just off the beach of Qbajjar, one can find the saltpans. These salt pans have been dug out of the rocks and to this day are used to capture the sea water which upon evaporating leaves crystals of sea salt ready to be harvested. If you head to this area, make sure you take your camera along because the views are rather scenic.

Dress up and attend the opera

If you visit Gozo in the Autumn, you might be able to attend the opera. The opera is a serious matter in Gozo, and the two rival operatic theatres, Astra and Aurora, located on the same street in Rabat, are in competition with each other. This ensures that those productions are top-notch.

Mingle with the locals and experience the village feasts

Maybe the best way to mix with the Gozitans is to experience the village feasts. The village feasts are Mediterranean festivals in honour of the patron saint of the villages that are held on the weekends during the summer. Richly-decorated churches and streets set the scene for the procession with the patron saint’s statue accompanied by brass bands, fireworks and merriment.

Try diving

Maybe you’ve never considered it before but diving is a fantastic experience. In Gozo, you will find diving courses for beginners so if you’re newbie that‘s not a problem. With as many as fifty recognised dive sites, Gozo provides a rich diving experience for both the beginner and the professional diver.

Get married in Gozo

Gozo has been providing the backdrop for many weddings. It is not only locals who get married here but many foreigners choose Gozo as the island where to tie the knot. Apart from the picture-perfect views like the Cittadella, the bastions of Fort Chambray, the valley of Lunzjata, the various churches and coastal towers, in Gozo one finds a variety of professional service providers be they wedding planners, caterers, florists and singers or musicians. On top of this, getting married in Gozo also means a lovely holiday and honeymoon.

Party at La Grotta

Perched on the valley of Xlendi, you will find one of Europe’s unique nightspots. The name La Grotta stems from the fact that this club is located within a natural grotto and has several terraces and dance floors overlooking the valley. At night the music and light make it one of the most sought-after locations by revellers.

Unwind at a spa

Gozo can be your hideout and getaway from it all. Gozo moves at a different pace from most European and Western cities and this in itself is already one reason why Gozo is associated with serenity. Maybe the best way unwinding is by visiting one of the spas located on the island. In Gozo, you can find two major spas – Ta’ Ċenċ Spa and The Kempinski San Lawrenz, both 5-star hotels that provide superb and luxurious services.

Rent out a farmhouse

Gozitan farmhouses like Abraham’s farmhouses are charming traditional houses that have been restored to accommodate the most discerning up-market travellers. The buildings retain old features such as thick stone walls, archways, outdoor terraces and gardens but excel on modern amenities like private swimming pools and deck areas with entertainment facilities. Renting out a farmhouse is one of the best ways to enjoy Gozo and de-stress. You will be able to set the daily pace of your life during your holiday.

Taste the Gozitan food

If you love wining and dining you will appreciate Gozitan food. Typically Mediterranean, featuring the produce of the season, Gozitan food is similar to certain aspects of the dishes of Southern Italy and Sicily. Naturally fish is a must on an island but then so are the special preserves and relishes like sun-dried tomatoes, tomato paste, pickled onions, capers, carob syrup, honey and prickly pear liquor. Gozo has its own selection of wines too.

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Discover the archaeological sites

Gozo’s history is anchored in the distant past. The Ġgantija Temples are considered to be the oldest free-standing buildings in the world. This along with other structures and archaeological sites from the prehistoric age give Gozo an aura of mystery. One does wonder what role the island played in the past. Apart from the prehistoric sites, in Gozo, one can hop from one museum to another and visit several attractions that all together sum up the history of the island.

Go all out on adventure

On Gozo, you can enjoy different sports and activities. Apart from walks in the countryside, there is the opportunity to engage in rock climbing, bouldering, cycling, horse-riding and Segway tours. If you love water sports, then consider kayaking, boat tours, jet skiing and self-drive dinghy rentals.

Organise your company’s next event

Gozo is also one of the options that companies consider when planning out corporate events. Whether it is a conference or a motivational seminar, or simply a perk for your employees, the island has a lot to offer that will ensure that your team will have a successful event and enjoy their stay. On Gozo, there are several venues and expert organisers that will help plan, coordinate and implement a captivating experience.

Discover Eco Tours

If you love nature, then seek out the Eco Tours that let you engage in the traditional and rural Gozitan way of life. You can opt to spend a day on an agri-tourism estate, exploring vineyards and fields, tasting the local produce and even discovering local traditional games.

Visit the local crafts village

At Ta’ Dbieġi Crafts Village, you can encounter several Gozitan craftsmen. From the traditional glass blowers, the metal workers, the ceramists, the weavers, the lace makers and the leather craftsmen, at the crafts village you can watch these artists at work and it is a great opportunity to acquire great hand-made products.

Pose with the Azure Window while it’s still standing!

A stone’s throw away from Ta’ Dbieġi Crafts Village is Dwejra. Dwejra is renowned for its inland sea but also for the Azure Window, a natural stone arch that is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world. The Azure Window is constantly being eroded and many believe that it’s only a matter of time before the arch will collapse into the sea. That means taking a selfie with the Azure Window while it’s standing is one of the things to do!

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