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Kayak Explore Tool: Explore Kayak With Kayak Explorer

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Pin Share TweetTotal Shares 0Kayak has been my favorite web go-to ever since I started with globetrotting. Taking a break from monotony always meant hopping on a cheap flight and going to a new place. And with the reasonably priced options Kayak Explore offers, I am able to tick my bucket-list more quickly and economically. […]

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The World’s Best Shipwreck Tourist Destinations

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Pin1 Share TweetTotal Shares 1There are an estimated 3 million still-undiscovered shipwrecks scattered across the oceans’ floors worldwide. Some of these are thousands of years old. Even the known, discovered wrecks amount to some impressive figures. lists more than 148,000, and the number is continually increasing. Most shipwrecks are considered historically important, which means […]

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15 Best Airplane Snacks To Bring On Flights

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Pin1 Share TweetTotal Shares 1  Most of you reading this article would be thinking, “Are we even allowed to bring snacks on a plane?”. Well, of course you are. You may not be able to carry your favorite soda, or coconut water past the security check, but a number of solid foods are a fair […]

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13 Best Anniversary Trip Ideas (Vacation Ideas For Couples)

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Pin1 Share TweetTotal Shares 1  Anniversary is the most cherished and awaited day of the year for all the happily married couples. Naturally, it calls for a grand celebration. And with the world having so much to offer and unearth, it may get really tricky to decide where to take your spouse. Most people opt […]

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15 Practical Tips For Exploring A New City (So You Can Have The Most Fun)

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Pin8 Share TweetTotal Shares 8  There is a thin line between being a traveler and an explorer. Now a days, people don’t believe in hopping from one tourist attraction to another. Instead, they try to live the city they visit, know its heart. And for that, you need to see beyond the cliché tourist packages […]

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How To Plan A Trip To Europe (12 Useful Tips)

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Pin17 Share TweetTotal Shares 17Planning a trip to Europe is both dreamy and challenging. We are talking about a whole continent! That too with endless avenues to explore and places to cover. Europe practically has beauty in every nook and corner. That’s why planning a trip here demands a lot of thought and calculation. It […]

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Best Passport In The World: 10 Countries With The Most Powerful Passports

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Pin129 Share TweetTotal Shares 129So what country has the best passports? Not all passports are created equal. Some are more powerful than others, and that means their owner can travel to more countries without having to show bring or show their visa. Passport power interests various businesses and government organizations, and they rank countries by […]

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How To Keep Clothing & Belongings Clean While Traveling

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Pin16 Share TweetTotal Shares 16  If you pack and prepare for a long trip or journey oversea, to another continent, country or city, you should be prepared for it. It is good to know a few tricks how to keep your luggage clean and remain clean yourself on the road. You may be travelling by […]

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Vacation Tracker & Employee Vacation Tracker Template

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Pin42 Share TweetTotal Shares 42Hey guys, today I want to share with you 7 really good vacation tracking templates and software you can use right away to manage and keep track of time off your employees take! All of these listed below will be relevant for vacation time off, but some of them will also […]

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Get a discount flight with Momondo

Momondo Flights: How To Find Cheap Flights With Momondo

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Pin148 Share TweetTotal Shares 148Momondo is one of my favorite places to search for cheap flights to anywhere in the world. One of the biggest reasons why I love using them so much is their flight search engine is one of the funnest ones to use, and their prices are always competitively priced when I […]

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