Vacation Tracker & Employee Vacation Tracker Template

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Pin15 Share TweetTotal Shares 15Hey guys, today I want to share with you 7 really good vacation tracking templates and software you can use right away to manage and keep track of time off your employees take! All of these listed below will be relevant for vacation time off, but some of them will also […]

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Get a discount flight with Momondo

Momondo Flights: How To Find Cheap Flights With Momondo

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Pin121 Share TweetTotal Shares 121Momondo is one of my favorite places to search for cheap flights to anywhere in the world. One of the biggest reasons why I love using them so much is their flight search engine is one of the funnest ones to use, and their prices are always competitively priced when I […]

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Pretty much the best article about things to do in Amsterdam you'll ever come across. Click here to find out what amazing things Amsterdam has to offer, and have an amazing trip!

Things To Do In Amsterdam (Amsterdam Points Of Interests)

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Pin231 Share TweetTotal Shares 231  Amsterdam has always been on top of my ‘Most Happening Places’ bucketlist. So whether I get a chance to go there in the near future, or not, I still keep surfing about the place out of curiosity. Like every other city in Europe, Amsterdam has many museums. But none of […]

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Check out these must see things in Istanbul. They are truly the best Istanbul points of Interests!

24 Things To Do In Istanbul (Istanbul Points Of Interest)

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Pin47 Share TweetTotal Shares 47  Istanbul. The rarest of cities spanning two continents- Europe and Asia. This land is replete with architectural marvel, a fantastic nightlife and mouthwatering cuisines for gluttons. This vast city is a perfect blend of traditional and trendy, antiquated and advanced. Istanbul is split into 3 segments: The monumental Sultanahmet on […]

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Check out these fun and free things to do in Barcelona! They are truly the best Barcelona points of interest! If you are looking for must see and must do things while visiting Barcelona, here they are!

23 Things To Do In Barcelona (Barcelona Points Of Interest)

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Pin54 Share TweetTotal Shares 54  Barcelona is a Pandora’s Box for all kinds of travelers. There are amazing museums and Gaudi’s architecture for art lovers, scrumptious Catalan cuisine for gourmands, gorgeous Mediterranean landscapes for peacemakers, Camp Nou for Sports fans, and a whole stock of free things for budget travelers and backpackers. So for my […]

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Check out these amazing 20 Berlin points of interest! They are the funnest things to see in Berlin. If you are struggling to find good things to do in Berlin then make sure you check out this list.

20 Things To Do In Berlin (Berlin Points Of Interests)

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Pin60 Share TweetTotal Shares 60 Planning a short trip to Berlin? Well, after reading my blog about what this capital city has to offer, I am sure you will be bound to extend your vacation. Berlin is unarguably Europe’s coolest and the most happening city. There’s never-ending nightlife, international culinary variety, unparalleled fashion, cutting-edge art, […]

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Here is a list of the best non travel apps that are the best for traveling the world with! click here to check them out

15 Must Have Apps for Travel (That Aren’t Travel Apps)

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Pin34 Share4 Tweet2Total Shares 40 This is a guest entry by Claire Lovesti. She blogs about travel @ You’ve got your Maps and your awesome weather apps, but what’s next? Check out these picks for great gadgets to have next time you travel. When it comes to travel app lists it’s easy to sound off […]

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Check out these 17 amazing Italy points of Interest!

17 Perfect Things To Do In Italy (Italy Points Of Interest)

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Pin34 Share TweetTotal Shares 34  Italy, I guess, is the most amazing city, in that it has the maximum number of UNESCO heritage sites, generations of artists and educators, natural and man-made wonders everywhere you look, mouthwatering local food and the ravishing gelato! Italy misses nothing out for a traveler. Despite having a whole list […]

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Must see attractions in London

14 Fun Things To Do In London England

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Pin35 Share TweetTotal Shares 35  No matter what is the purpose of your visit, London has something in store for everyone. For students, there are world-class universities and a fantastic nightlife; art lovers have a whole box of museums and galleries to explore; historians have 2000 years of history to gawk at; kids are intrigued […]

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Reward credit card offers

Best Travel Credit Card (Best Credit Cards For Travel Rewards)

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Pin15 Share1 Tweet1Total Shares 17 Today I want to share with you the best travel reward credit cards you should be using to accumulate points and rewards towards free flights, hotels, and other travel related expenses. You can get a free flight and hotel stay per year just by owning one of these cards and […]

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